DirecTV may keep satellite piece of Sunday Ticket

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At one point over the past few years, we wrote that it made sense for the NFL to keep the satellite portion of Sunday Ticket with DirecTV and to sell the streaming side of it elsewhere, in order to maximize the overall reach of the product. Despite the explosion in Internet-based video, satellite technology continues to deliver content for many. Thus, the NFL’s best outcome would entail having both platforms.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, that may indeed happen.

Fischer reports that “momentum is growing” for an extension with DirecTV, one that would result in the streaming side of the package going elsewhere. Helping the cause is the fact that AT&T will be spinning off DirecTV; the relationship between the NFL and AT&T had become very strained, and that angle is now irrelevant.

“We don’t subscribe to the theory that television is going away,” NFL Chief Media & Business Officer Brian Rolapp said at the CAA World Congress of Sports last week, via Fischer. “We want to be in every household in this country and beyond. And so while that distribution patterns change, we need to be [in satellite]. So in fact, television is going to be meaningful. We’re going to want to be there in a way. I don’t think Sunday Ticket is any different.”

The NFL also could (in theory) sell the global Sunday Ticket rights to a company like Amazon and Apple, allowing that company to then break off the satellite piece. Regardless, for those who rely on the satellite-based version of Sunday Ticket, take heart. The NFL, which giveth the product in 1994, does not seem ready to taketh it away.

5 responses to “DirecTV may keep satellite piece of Sunday Ticket

  1. Being an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber since 1995, I don’t see any reason for the package to leave Directv. There are enough Thursday,Sunday night and Monday night games for other broadcast partners to buy into and even though the price has increased quite a bit per season since 1995, it’s still the best thing going for someone who watches as much football as I do. Directv might have exclusivity on the all out of market games package, but I don’t see any reason why another company couldn’t be allowed to offer single game purchases or single team, season packages. For those screaming about not wanting or being able to get a dish, you DO NOT need the dish to get the package from Directv. They starting offering the streaming option several years ago. Every Sunday, I have the Redzone channel on the big screen and use my laptop to stream an individual game of my choice (or mutiple games, with the 4-6 games on 1 screen option) onto another screen. But for those wishes for streaming thru other sources like Amazon, just understand there is significant delay for the streaming option and it is completely dependant on your internet speed and reliability. I will be happy if it stays with Directv. If others want it somewhere else, find a way to do that, but don’t take it from us that have had it for so long with Directv.

  2. In order to get Direct TV streaming, you have to be in an area that won’t work with satellite cable. So the Sunday Ticket package has never been available to everyone. Amazon getting this would be much better.

  3. “fluiddarkness says:
    October 21, 2021 at 6:21 pm
    In order to get Direct TV streaming, you have to be in an area that won’t work with satellite cable. So the Sunday Ticket package has never been available to everyone. Amazon getting this would be much better.”

    Not true. I had DirecTV for 2 decades with NFLST until last year. Had to drop both because of money reasons due to COVID. Got a deal through Spectrum I couldn’t refuse & saved money.

    This year, money issues are MUCH better but didn’t want to switch back to DirecTV just to get NFLST. But I was able to get the streaming option without a problem. Never ran into any restrictions. App is pretty good too.

  4. My understanding is the the current agreement with the NFL and DirecTV is that it is tied to satellite services. They have a good streaming service, but if you don’t have the ability to install satellite service you can only get streaming only if you are a college student, live in an building where it is prohibited to install, or live in some place on the planet that is not capable of receiving a signal. Hopefully the next agreement with the NFL will remove that requirement or go to another vendor that will actually care about their customers.

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