Graham Gano says Panthers’ medical staff mismanaged injury, costing him the 2019 season

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Giants kicker Graham Gano will face his old team when the Panthers come to town on Sunday, but Gano doesn’t have the warmest memory of his time in Carolina.

Gano blamed the Panthers’ medical staff botched the diagnosis of an injury he suffered that ultimately led him to miss the entire 2019 season.

“It was potentially career-ending,” Gano said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “That whole thing was mismanaged. They told me I had one injury when it was actually a lot worse than that. What really needed to be fixed wasn’t. I shouldn’t have missed the full season I did. But there’s no changing it now, so I’m just thankful to be playing here.”

Gano initially signed in Carolina in 2011 and played there until the Panthers cut him after he missed the 2019 season. He signed with the Giants in 2020 and has kicked well for them, showing he’s fully healthy again.