Joe Brady addresses possibility LSU might have interest in him

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When LSU announced earlier this week the school and its football coach, Ed Orgeron, have mutually agreed to part ways at the end of the season, Joe Brady’s name quickly was mentioned as a candidate for the job.

The Panthers’ offensive coordinator was in Baton Rouge in 2019, helping direct one of the greatest offenses in college football history. LSU won the national title with Joe Burrow, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall Jr. leading the way.

Brady’s contributions in his one season as the school’s passing game coordinator and receivers coach won’t soon be forgotten. That would seem to make Brady, 32, a popular choice of alumni, though athletic director Scott Woodward is known for his flash hires. He hired Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M.

“I didn’t really have any thoughts on it,” Brady said Thursday. “Unfortunately for us, we had just come off of a loss when all that stuff came out, so there was a lot more things on my mind. I don’t have many thoughts on that. I had a great experience my time there, but I was way more concerned with our performance this past Sunday and finding ways to improve it this Sunday.

“All those things from a coaching perspective are things I don’t really pay a lot of attention to. It’s one of those things that after the season I think about those things, but right now I have to do a better job at being the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers and that’s all I’m really concerned about right now.”

Brady has had far less success in the NFL with Teddy Bridgewater and now Sam Darnold as his quarterback.

5 responses to “Joe Brady addresses possibility LSU might have interest in him

  1. Brady is NOT coming to LSU. He had said many times while he was at LSU that he hated recruiting. No chance he comes back.

  2. Darnold is on track for his best season as a pro on pace for 4500YDs passing so I wouldn’t say Brady has had far less success when he is working with two QBs who failed elsewhere. Darnold can still have a good year, he just needs to stop throwing the ball to the other team turning it over. Darnold is playing behind one of the worst OLs in rhe NFL but still he’s turning it over far far to much, if he can cut his turnovers in half he might earn the starting job in Carolina beyond just this year.

    Brady should stay in the NFL. He can make a whole lot of money and carve out a very very successful career if he stays in the league and he can do this for the next 40YRs. Brady is a hott name in coaching circles for what he has done with QBs, if he fixes Sam Darnold he will get a head coaching job. His profile will be raised a lot higher nationally eventually to if he stays in the league. If I were him I’d stay in the NFL, it’s going to pay off for him ten fold paying off BIG in the future in the coming years.

  3. Lsu is not a good choice for anyone right now. Repercussions from prior players transgressions and possible cover ups for them that have recently come to light will probably result in ncaa sanctions.

  4. If the price is right any man will jump! Brady you can go my friend, we need an experienced NFL OC!!

  5. It’s funny to me how so many coaches who are no doubt always thinking about climbing the ladder to their next job never have time to “really pay a lot of attention” to their next opportunity when their name is mentioned as a candidate for that next opportunity that’s opening up.

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