Aaron Donald: I told Jared Goff I’m coming after him


Aaron Donald has put many passers in his proverbial quarterback graveyard, racking up 89.0 sacks since entering the league in 2014.

But one quarterback he’s never been able to touch is former teammate Jared Goff.

Donald will get his chance to change that on Sunday when the Rams play the Lions in Los Angeles. And Donald seems to be relishing the opportunity.

“It ain’t going to be weird at all,” Donald said Thursday, via Gary Klein of the L.A. Times. “I told him, ‘Get ready.’ I told him I’m going to be coming after him, so he knows what it is.

“I’m going to go out there, fly around try to make my plays when they present themselves. Hopefully I get to him a couple times.”

Donald and Goff were teammates from the time the quarterback was selected at No. 1 overall in 2016 until the trade that sent him to Detroit was finalized in March.

But Goff isn’t the only player on the Lions’ roster with ties to Donald, as defensive lineman Michael Brockers was also traded to Detroit during the offseason. Brockers and Donald played side by side for seven seasons.

“He’s been with me since day one,” Donald said. “You build a bond with somebody like that. It’s really a brotherhood, somebody that you’re close with outside of football. You hang with a lot.

“So, we just got a close relationship. I wish he was still here, but he’s not.”

Brockers was the Rams’ 14th overall pick in 2012 and was the longest-tenured player on the team when he was traded. Donald was selected at No. 13 overall in 2014.

9 responses to “Aaron Donald: I told Jared Goff I’m coming after him

  1. Should not be too difficult to get to Goff many times over with the “offensive” line he has trying to block for him.this is the Lions after all,the first team in history to go 0-17.

  2. Didn’t Von Miller make the same kind of threat and ended up hurt and never touched Keenum.

  3. Donald should be pissed for Goff squandering many of his years. The front office was also slow to acknowledge reality.

  4. I have never seen a QB play in fear like Goff does . He panics with any type of pressure , real or imagined . He refuses to run even if he has open field in front of him . After football he could become a spokesperson for fire prevention because he’s perfected the drop and roll when defenders get within 5 feet of him .

  5. This got old really fast. It used to be you only heard stuff like this in rivalry games or when two guys had a beef. Now, every week multiple guys make proclimations about random games. Like, are there games when Donald ISN’T going after the opposing QB? Because isn’t that what he’s paid to do? Will the kickers be trying to make their kicks this week?

  6. Jarod Goff throws an ok ball and would be a good guy to qb for your weekend flag football team. As an NFL Qb, it is obvious that the dude cannot read defenses, find secondary receivers or handle a pass rush. Obvious to everyone but Brad Holmes, who apparently harbors some ill founded infatuation with his former Ram draft pick and doesn’t want to let it go or admit his dreadful mistake. While no one ever wants to see a player physically harmed in any material, long lasting way, many a Lion fan wouldn’t mind if Aaron Donald brought enough terror to accelerate the end of the failed Goff experience in Detroit.

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