After high-profile signing, Broncos have benched Kyle Fuller

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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When the Broncos signed free agent cornerback Kyle Fuller to a one-year, $9.5 million contract in March, it looked like a perfect pairing: Fuller had developed into a Pro Bowler in Chicago when Broncos coach Vic Fangio was the Bears’ defensive coordinator, and now he’s reuniting with Fangio in Denver.

It hasn’t worked out. At all.

In Thursday night’s loss to the Browns, Fuller didn’t see the field. He and backup quarterback Drew Lock were the only players on the Broncos’ active roster who didn’t get in the game.

Last week, Fuller played only two snaps in the Broncos’ loss to the Raiders. That was the fewest snaps played by anyone on the Broncos’ defense in that game.

Fuller was not listed on the injury report for either game, so this isn’t a matter of him not being healthy enough to play. The Broncos just don’t think he’s good enough to play.

That’s a significant departure from the start of the season: Fuller started the first five games of the season and played at least 90 percent of the defensive snaps in all five of them. But after the Broncos’ loss to the Steelers in Week Five, Fangio expressed frustration with how poorly Fuller had played, and since then Fuller has barely played at all.

There’s been some talk out of Denver that the Broncos could trade Fuller, but realistically, why would any team want to trade for him at this point? If he’s not good enough to get any playing time in Denver, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for his ability to contribute elsewhere.

And so Fuller appears set to remain on the Broncos’ bench, and remain one of this year’s most disappointing free agent signings.

32 responses to “After high-profile signing, Broncos have benched Kyle Fuller

  1. What on Earth happened with or to this guy? He was extremely good with the Bears early on.

  2. Another example of players getting big contracts then their production dropping off. Should be more incentive laden.

  3. Hmmm. Pro Bowler last year, benchwarmer this. What’s up? Fuller, that wily fox, is purposely malingering. Allegedly. Why? Well, which team more than any other in the league needs help in the secondary? The Buccaneers. Fuller is hoping that Jason Licht will get on the horn with Elway and offer, oh, let’s say a fifth-rounder for him. Bingo! Fuller goes from a rebuilding team to a team that’s a Super Bowl favorite. Clever guy. Allegedly.

  4. curtis20 says:
    October 22, 2021 at 11:36 am
    Like i said Elway stinks, he is awful at talent evaluation.


    Why does everyone think he’s still the GM lol.

  5. The games he got a lot of run, the defense played better and the team was 3-1. The games he’s been out, they’re 0-2, they’ve given up 34 at home and let the third string Browns drop 17 on them with a win.

    Maybe Fangio himself or his attitude towards Fuller is the problem and not Fuller’s play. Play your best players. He’s one of them.

  6. He should have accepted the cut in pay that the Bears proposed. Maybe the Bear defense scheme fit his skills.

  7. At least the second year in a row where people inexplicably predicted the Broncos to be good all offseason long, and then they’re awful. Can we get some thoughts from whoever it was that said they had a top-ten roster this season?

  8. Why does everyone think he’s still G.M.?

    Perhaps it’s because even though Elway was forced to leave the job for a figurehead position, the Broncos are still making the same idiotic mistakes that were made when he was G.M..

    Paton is merely a puppet and Elway pulls the strings. The Denver Post newspaper refers to George as “Elway 2.0.”

  9. Another example of the Peter Principle, someone bumped up to a position they cant handle and fail miserably. He played loose and dangerous and made some plays, got the big money and given more duties, that he cant handle.

  10. Maybe getting benched lights a fire in him and he regains his form. Maybe he just sucks eggs. I have no idea. That’s why I’m sitting at home typing this while eating Halloween candy instead of eating Halloween candy in an NFL front office. Either way, Halloween candy is good. Kyle Fuller is not.

  11. I would imagine if perception didn’t come into play, the Bears would probably try getting him back.

  12. I’m sorry I think it’s defensive “genius” Vic Fangio getting exposed not Kyle Fuller. Fuller wasn’t on the field when the Broncos couldn’t stop a backup QB, a 3rd string HB, two dinged up WRs and an offense that run and nothing else in a MUST WIN game.

  13. @nytro

    It took George Paton more than 10 years to accept a GM position, he waited for the right opportunity and jumped on it. You think he waited to be a puppet somewhere? Nope.

  14. HOnestly, its not his fault.

    The Broncos are bad on Defense.

    Vic Fangio is a pretender. A soft coach.

  15. realfootballfan says:
    October 22, 2021 at 1:50 pm
    The Bears got it right for a change. Who knew?


    If Pace was a baseball player he’d be an all star batting around .325

  16. If there isn’t some undisclosed injury, then maybe Fuller is stinking on purpose to get out of Denver. I don’t blame him for not accepting the Bears proposed significant pay cut & moving on. Also, Denver could very well be sitting him to keep him healthy in order to trade him…Either way, we miss him here with the Bears !

  17. nytro says: October 22, 2021 at 12:28 pm Why does everyone think he’s still G.M.? Perhaps it’s because even though Elway was forced to leave the job for a figurehead position, the Broncos are still making the same idiotic mistakes that were made when he was G.M.. Paton is merely a puppet and Elway pulls the strings. The Denver Post newspaper refers to George as “Elway 2.0. ————- Seems you need things spelled out for you. Calling him Elway 2.0 isnt referring to him as a puppet to Elway, it has to do with that they feel the same mistakes and trajectory of the team is the same now as it was before

  18. George inherited a very bad roster and bad coaching staff. He gave Fangio everything he wanted on the defensive side of the ball. Fuller was his guy. Say what you want but when Fangio is fired in a few weeks or after the season, he was given the highest “PAID” secondary in the NFL by like 20 million. And they have looked like crap. he is the one calling the Defensive plays. Its on him.

    Paton will clean house after the year is over. I am just hoping he turns some of these players on 1 year deals and healthy into some draft picks.

    If anything fire the OC and run the fkn ball with the Rookie.

  19. Denver paid him for his past achievements. Speed and reaction are the important skills for a corner. Once those start fading away, you move the good ones to safety so they can use there knowledge and experience.

  20. Maybe getting rid of him is the answer. Fangio looked steamed last night as his d gave up big yards on the groung. At least Fuller is out of that fray not playing, or is he?

  21. Also I forgot to say, Fangio is the one who actually WANTED Fuller here and Paton agreed. Blame Vic for putting a piss poor defense on the field. These guys have zero heart and want to arm tackle everyone. Even our #1 draft pick Pat Surtain II looks like he’s lost and can’t tackle!!

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