Jamal Adams: I don’t get caught up in outside noise, I’m here to prove myself right

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks defense has not been good this season and that’s led to a lot of criticism over the course of their 2-4 start.

Safety Jamal Adams has been the focus of a fair amount of that criticism after signing a large contract extension this offseason. He’s had issues in pass coverage and has not been as effective rushing the passer as he was during his first year with the Seahawks.

Adams said this week that he doesn’t know why he hasn’t blitzed as much as he did last year, but that he hasn’t lost any confidence in himself in the face of the criticism that’s been thrown his way.

“I’m not really here to complain about the opportunities that I don’t have or that I don’t get from last year to this year,” Adams said, via Adam Jude of the Seattle Times. “I’ll be honest with you, I’m not here to prove anything to anybody. You know what I mean? I’m here to prove myself right. I’m grateful to continue to play this game at a high level. I don’t get caught up in the outside noise. I don’t get caught up on mistakes. Because at the end of day, we are human. We make mistakes. But, hey, the good thing is I got another opportunity to make up for it.”

The next opportunity comes on Monday night against the Saints and the Seahawks could use a big outing for Adams if they’re going to avoid a fifth loss in their last six games.

14 responses to “Jamal Adams: I don’t get caught up in outside noise, I’m here to prove myself right

  1. The Jamal Adams trade will serve as the final nail in Pete’s coffin. As the kids would say, epic fail

  2. he very much seems to get caught up in the outside noise when he hasnt the highest paid safety in the game.

  3. You aren’t proving yourself anything. You already think your gods greatest gift and the truth is, you’re a below average safety that has passes thrown directly at him that should be picks, but instead they hit you right in the face mask bc you don’t even see the ball coming. You can’t cover. Your blitzing creates a liability more than it does results. You’re always injured. You’re one of the lowest graded safeties in the league, but you’re one of the highest paid. You don’t need to prove anything, we all already know everything you are and aren’t.

  4. It was obvious last year that Seattle was going to have to change its defensive schemes. He’s not good in coverage. Seattle was looking for another impact player like Kam Chancellor; but Kam tackled better, was faster, stronger, had great hands for interceptions and was a team player. Opponents have Adams figured out. Great players adjust to the adjustments. We’ll find out if Adams is really a great player.
    I believe it will take Seattle years to recover from this trade, that Adams will adversely affect the culture of the team and that they’ll lose good defensive players like Marquise Blair

  5. When are teams going to learn that players that mouth off the most in public (and that includes social media) are among the least effective on the field?

  6. It is funny this team passed on Budda Baker for Malik McDowell, in reality the only the Hawks are going to get over one of the worst trades in NFL history for a mediocre player that has a lot more ego than talent and to make up for the lost draft capital and very large contract for a DB that cannot cover at all and is usually in the wrong place in coverage is to trade Russ and end the Pete regime. Use the money saved from Russ to rebuild a fairly pathetic roster.

  7. I love it when players say things like “I don’t get caught up in outside noise” while responding to questions about outside noise.
    If the question is being asked then you’re already caught up in it. If you tack on a comment about “proving yourself right” then the noise is already in your head.

  8. Jets fleeced the Seahawks into giving up two first round pick for this guy. Hawks fans said it was fine at the time because they pick so late in the round.

    The pick they give the Jets this year is on pace to be top 10.

  9. Seahawks will win, if not dominate the Saints. The potential hawk resurgence and the mediocrity of the Saints is too perfect a storyline for the NFL not to drive the hammer into.

  10. “He’s had issues in pass coverage.”

    Dude has always been a liability in coverage. Thats why most fans couldn’t believe they gave away that much for him while you media folk slobbered and fawned all over him. He would have been good 20 yrs ago though.

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