Martellus Bennett piles on Jimmy Garoppolo

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After the 49ers traded up in the draft and signaled that the end was coming for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins said that New England teammates wondered whether they could depend on Garoppolo. One of those teammates clearly was former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett.

Appearing on the Double Coverage podcast with Jason and Devin McCourty, Bennett had some strong comments about Garoppolo’s performance in 2016, when Tom Brady served a four-game #DeflateGate suspension.

“Bro, we lost two games [without Brady],” Bennett told the McCourtys, via (Actually, they lost only one game during Brady’s absence.) “One of them was because Jimmy Garoppolo was being a bitch. He decided not to play right before the game. Jacoby [Brissett] came out and played with a f–ked up thumb and played his heart out, but Jimmy was just being a bitch about it all.

“That’s why he . . . you can’t win with a bitch for a quarterback, first of all. That was the whole thing with him. He didn’t want to come out and do anything because his agent was trying to protect his body or some shit like that. Which, I can’t fault him for that. But like, you should have made that decision on Thursday. Now it’s Sunday.

“So anyways, he’s not going out there, so now Jacoby straps up and we lost to the Buffalo Bills. We shouldn’t have lost. It was just last-minute, trying to make adjustments for what Jacoby could do.”

Bennett said what he said, believes what he believes. Those are his words, not ours. But it’s fair to consider the unvarnished remarks of someone who played with Garoppolo.

The problem for the 49ers is that rookie quarterback Trey Lance hasn’t performed well enough to get the locker room behind him. Thus, regardless of what Bennett or other members of the 2016 Patriots may think of Garoppolo, the 49ers players still think Garoppolo gives them the best chance to win game. Even if they’ve only won two of five in 2021.

23 responses to “Martellus Bennett piles on Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. I can see why with that team first attitude why Mr Bennet never seemed to stay in one place for long.

  2. This coming from the player that Quit on his team after Rodgers went down….not a lot of room to talk bud.

  3. They went 3-1 without Brady.

    Brissett started a game vs Houston after Garoppolo had an AC sprain. Then played with an thumb injury to his throwing hand against Buffalo and NE was shut out.

    Bennett may be being honest because I do recall reports of people questioning Garoppolo not playing through the AC injury. Just stating that they were 3-1 not 2-2 and Brissett did play with the thumb problem vs Buffalo. Garoppolo sat.

  4. I believe Martellus. Nobody knows better about taking a paycheck and not putting in the work better than him.

  5. It blows my mind how much crap some athletes talk years later. Not that I think he’s wrong. Didn’t I read that jimmy is too busy messing with a porn star these days? Nothing wrong w that but where is his focus? I honestly don’t know. I’m too busy watching josh Allen and Jackson become the qb pats fans told us he was.

  6. Coming from the same guy who got his feelings hurt because he felt Jason Witten was taking all his snaps in Dallas and badmouthing him as being trash when comparing skills

  7. I know this is a Jimmy G article, but if the 49ers didnt make an awful pick in Trey Lance, Jimmy G would be gone already. I have no idea what Shanny and Lynch were thinking picking Lance. Bad teams make bad decisions, usually in the Draft. If you cant evaluate talent as an organization, you will never be any good

  8. Ahhhhh…first off classy vocab. 2nd Bennett bailed on the Packers after a handful of games and refused to play. He is nobody to talk down to anyone about attitude.

  9. Who is martellus bennett? That guy that had one good year, despite all the tools necessary. Sad, but now he’s looking for some time in the sun…..

  10. Yeah, the Pats went 3-1 when Brady was suspended, thanks to AZ missing a 47 yard FG with 41 seconds left.

  11. MB is a world class DB for sure, but I don’t think he’s wrong on this one. A couple weeks ago when Jimmy hurt his calf he was already predicting how much time he’d miss before the game was over and he’d even had a diagnosis. He’s the anti-Favre and just doesn’t seem to love football.

  12. I remember saying from day one, when all the sports guys around here were crowing him the successor to Brady, bottom line – He’s not tough enough. His frame, how he takes hits, you could just tell he was never meant to last in this league. I don’t blame his agent for trying to protect him, to maximize his worth etc. But the fact remains – he will never be a “great” NFL QB. Good for stretches, maybe, sure I guess. He did make it to his own Super Bowl after all. But great? Mmmmm maybe not. Obviously.

    I think everybody is finally starting to understand just how crazy Bradys’ longevity really is. For all his accolades, the one thing he never gets enough credit for – Toughness. Add it to the GOAT stats. It’s deserved. Guy still gets hammered all the time and yet always gets up. And then Wins. It’s amazing.

  13. Bennett quit on the Packers, then blasted them, too. He is good at one thing — pointing the finger at everyone else.

  14. I really wonder what the motive of BB trading Jimmy to the 49ers knowing full well that’s Brady’s childhood team. He was trolling Brady!

  15. and here I thought MB was just mad at the packers….im glad he can spread the discontent around

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