Myles Garrett says refs need new glasses after missed holding calls

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett wasn’t happy with the officiating on Thursday night.

Garrett said after the Browns’ win over the Broncos that he was held repeatedly and the officials failed to call the penalties. Garrett compared the situation to how hard it used to be for Shaquille O’Neal to get fouls in the NBA.

“The refs are kinda giving me the Shaq treatment right now,” Garrett said, via Camryn Justice of WEWS.

Garrett added that the refs will need to “get some new glasses” for him to get a holding call.

38 responses to “Myles Garrett says refs need new glasses after missed holding calls

  1. Only gets truly entertaining if next game Garrett takes this to another level and offers the refs a bucket of glasses.

  2. I just want to know how Con Miller was going to “kill whoever” he was going up against. 2 tackles 0 sacks. Congrats. A back up QB/RB/OT didn’t even know you were there.

  3. Well join the club of D linemen that get held every week. Donald and TJ Watt are held on most plays. If you watch those 2 guys play most OL don’t have much of a chance so refs won’t call 20 holding calls per game.

  4. Garrett needs to work on his jokes..

    The needs glasses one was played out in Baseball during the 30’s- 80’s.

    The newer joke is…

    “Hey Refs, you need answering machine..

    Because you are missing some calls out there.”

  5. If they don’t have glasses now, wouldn’t they just need glasses, not “new” glasses?

  6. The man has got a point – but the blindness on o-line holding isn’t limited to holds on him. Not by a long shot – he’s one victim of a referee blindness pandemic.

  7. Tape don’t lie but we’ll never see it because teams don’t release tapes of bad calls.

  8. Omg. What a whiner. He just needs to watch film of a TJ Watt game. It’s part of the job not an excuse.

  9. Myles, the ref’s job is to hold the nationally televised audience. They don’t want blowouts. TV ratings are crucial when negotiating those mega-billion dollar TV deals.

  10. I think it is impossible to catch every single penalty, as there is probably a penalty on every play. HOWEVER, the officials are missing way too many obvious penalties that have cost teams to the point it costs a team a win. They suck!

  11. I can’t believe that Garrett didn’t lose it. The holds were so blatant. There was one play where he was held 3 times. The offensive lineman had a hold of his arm and didn’t let go through the entire play. What’s the deal?

  12. Jerry Hughes gets held all game too. A lot of great pass rushers get held all game and the refs don’t do anything because the NFL wants points not sacks.

  13. It’s true, of course, but it’s also pretty much always the case. I’m sure the NFL doesn’t want the game bogged down with holding calls, but they pick and choose what they call.

  14. Myles is right. Holding is rampant, perhaps as part of the league’s effort to protect QBs. But his Shaq take is misplaced. It’s LeBron who takes dozens of uncalled hard hits every night. In his prime, Shaq would lower his shoulder, bowl over the defender, take 3 steps and dunk the ball. The whistle would blow and the floored defender was tagged with a foul. Shaq would go to the line and put up a brick. Lather-rinse-repeat.

  15. theyll be getting new glassed with the 15k hes going to be fined for “speaking out”.

  16. Two things:

    1) He’s not wrong
    2) This isn’t going to going to get more calls to go his way.

  17. Great pass rushers get held almost every play, and it is rarely called. Go back a few years and watch some video of James Harrison. This isn’t new. Watt and Garrett get held all the time now. They still are 1-2 in sacks.

  18. He is right the Brown’s O-line (like very O-line in the league) was holding on every play and should have been called. He might not like what he wishes for. It is simple just like DB’s the league (already under pressure for to many penalties) simply won’t call them every play so the players will hold (look at the Cleveland D-line holding on stunts) on every play playing the odds they won’t get called and most don’t. The NFL in conjunction with networks will throw timely flags to alter the outcome of the game (namely to prevent blow-outs and keep viewers until the 4th quarter). The main question now will the league suspend him for crapping on the Shield.

  19. There were several holds on him that were blatantly obvious in real time that stuck out. That said, in terms of players “complaining”, this one is pretty tame.

  20. To Myles’ defense, his response was in reply to a question in which he was asked “What is it going to take for you to a get holding penalty call?”, so he wasn’t complaining.

  21. Myles Garrett BENEFITS FTOM MISSED CALLS all the time and I’ve never heard him complain once about that and Garrett benefits from TERRIBLE MISSED CALLS and I’ve never seen him try pointing that out to a ref…. All these calls ending up washing each other in the end. You’re not going to get every call. Myles Garrett sounds like a spoiled entitled child complaining over non sense. Get over it spearo.

  22. During the last drive by the Bronco’s which ended with them scoring a touchdown Myles was grabbed by the face mask and held for quite some time. It was clear for everyone to see and his head and neck could have been injured. I have no idea why that wasn’t called because Myles Garrett could have been lost for the rest of the season. I was appalled. The NFL need to protect it’s players better. So it wasn’t just holding, illegal hands to the face and face mask penalties are just as important as taunting NFL.

  23. bucktoothedwizard says:
    October 22, 2021 at 7:00 am
    Nick bosa has had this issue since 2019 but KC isn’t complaining
    All of the Bosa Brothers complain about it. Every week.

  24. Watch the Bills vs Titans game.. Bills defense was held on 33% of the plays..DVR Don’t lie !!! 3 holds on One play alone… point spread my friends all about the point spread!!!

  25. The officials don’t need glasses as it pertains to holding calls, they just need to decide what “holding” actually is and call them consistently instead of picking and choosing when to call them and when not to.

  26. Well at least Garrett cracked a funny because he disappeared like he usually does. I dont think ive ever seen a #1 overall DE make so little impact on a game. He has made an impact in exactly 2 games his entire career where he dominated. The first resulted in a season openig tie vs the Steelers under Hue Jackson, and this year vs the Bears against a HS caliber tackle whatever his name was.

    But the refs need glasses is an oldie but goodie

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