Whitney Mercilus laughs off Randall Cobb saying leaving Houston is like leaving prison

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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When Randall Cobb was traded from Houston to Green Bay this offseason, he joked that it was like getting out of prison. This week Whitney Mercilus signed with Green Bay after being cut by Houston, and he decided not to wade into that particular comparison.

Mercilus acknowledged he heard what Cobb said at the time, but he laughed and said, “Oh, man, we’re not going to wander into that one.”

“Yeah, I heard. I heard because I was with the Texans,” Mercilus said. “I enjoyed my time there. The fans embraced me ever since I got in there. It was great. A lot of great players I got to play with during my time.”

Mercilus acknowledged that it’s a major change going from Houston to Green Bay, but he didn’t say anything negative about the Texans.

“Not each franchise is equal,” he said. “With that being said, I’m just grateful to be here.”

23 responses to “Whitney Mercilus laughs off Randall Cobb saying leaving Houston is like leaving prison

  1. The stuff these guys compare their situations to is ludicrous. Let us know when they start paying prisoners millions of dollars and letting them play football outside all day all week.

  2. Houston is a dumpster fire thanks to inept ownership. The fans deserved better after being abandoned by the Oilers in the 90’s. It would be great if Cal sold and someone with a real vision took over. Until then we are looking at the Detroit Lions of the AFC. Mercilus is just being a class act and others should follow his example.

  3. I think Bill O’Brian should be banned from the NFL after he admitted he was trying to get fired in Houston. He drove that franchise deeper into the ground and did long term damage.

  4. IMO the Texans are on the right track. It will take a few years to fix what Bill O’Brian did.

  5. Prison, really. Did people ever calculate how much a D or O players actually is engaged in work when on the field. About 5 minutes per game. The rest is milling around while the clocks runs. Run or block for 5-7 seconds per play. Prison players have no clue what the average person does for a living.

  6. That’s how you leave an organization. You don’t burn bridges by saying negative things and make yourself look like a ungrateful complainer.

  7. Good for Whitney Mercilus for demonstrating class and a sense of perspective. I don’t know if Randall Cobb has any experience with a real prison, as in penitentiary, but it would be eye-opening for him, I’d expect, if he were to commit some time and effort to visiting some real prisons. And not just visiting, but speaking and actually listening to real prisoners, Maybe it would help him gain some perspective and appreciation for what he has and what a real prison is all about.

  8. For all the people getting upset about the comparison, look up the word “simile”. And maybe realize not every sound bite was meant literally. Football games aren’t actually played on a “grid iron”, very few teammates are actually brothers, and fast receivers aren’t really “electric”. Who reading this has never heard the term “get out of jail free card” used to describe something other than being released from incarceration? Do you know anyone who’s actually been buried under a mound of paperwork? Or used the phrases “I’m dying to have a…” or “I would kill for a…” in a non-life ending way? Lighten up a little, not everything is meant literally!

  9. “I’m very very very excited to be here and that’s nothing against Houston,” Cobb said. “Green Bay is like a Fortune 500 company, and the Texans are a new franchise — they’re a start-up that’s figuring out their way.”

    A new teammate commented he “acted like he just got out of prison,” not him.

  10. Man people take things too serious these days. Cobb made a joke. Who cares? This is one of our main problems as a society these days. Everyone passes judgement on everyone else. Bunch of people getting philosophical on here when all the guy did was make a joke about being on a terrible team and traded to a good one. If making the prison reference hurt your feelings then maybe you need some counseling. Better yet, go polish up that participation trophy or that certificate for graduating the 3rd grade.

  11. Not only did Randall Cobb make a joke but last time I checked the late Bob McNair insinuated that NFL players were inmates trying to run the prison and then said he didn’t regret it, so it was just the statement coming full circle.

    Sometimes the things you say stick even after death.

  12. The Texans were a disfunctional organization before Bill O’Brian became HC and remains one today. Blaming O’Brian for this mess is like blaming Matt Patricia in Detroit and Mike Shanahan in Washington. While they may not be entirely blameless in their conduct, it’s the organization which bears most of the blame. Those HCs tried to instill order and discipline in teams that are still lacking in both. At this point Ron Rivera in WDC seems to be doing the most to change that aspect of the team culture

  13. I thought be forced to live in Green Bay was a fate worse than prison for most players.

  14. Bill O’Brien should be named Coach of the Century for keeping this ship afloat. I mean, they were one step from the Super Bowl while he was there. Now they’re the worst team in football.

  15. To make that comparison Cobb must know first hand what prison’s like so I Rodgers won’t argue with him on that.

  16. Either words mean things or they don’t. Enough with going to war and going into battle. Getting paid millions and playing a game isn’t war and playing in any city on it’s worst day is better than being in prision.

  17. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 23, 2021 at 3:21 pm
    I thought be forced to live in Green Bay was a fate worse than prison for most players.

    I thought the only person forced to live in Green Bay was you.

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