Bucs negotiate return of Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball that Mike Evans gave away

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Mike Evans caught Tom Brady‘s 600th, 601st and 602nd career touchdown passes. The Buccaneers receiver gave the footballs to fans in the stands as he routinely does.

Evans, though, didn’t realize his 9-yard touchdown catch from Brady was a milestone touchdown pass for Brady, who holds the NFL record.

Byron Kennedy, 29, was the fan who received the handoff from Evans on Brady’s 600th touchdown football, per Joey Knight of The Tampa Bay Times. Kennedy, a resident of internal medicine at Largo Medical Center, was wearing an Evans jersey on the front row of the end zone.

After scoring the touchdown, Evans initially dropped it in the end zone. Kennedy yelled, “Big Mike,” and Evans picked up the ball and handed it to Kennedy.

Evans appeared incredulous when a Bucs staffer told the receiver what he had done, and the Bucs quickly approached Kennedy about getting back the football.

I was hesitant to give it back,” Kennedy told Knight.

Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions, indicated on Twitter the football might go for $500,000. The ball from Brady’s first touchdown pass, to Terry Glenn in an October 2001 game against the Chargers, went for $428,842 at a Lelands auction this summer.

Kennedy, though, traded Brady’s 600th touchdown ball for a different ball and more promised goodies from the Bucs.

“I knew how much it meant to Tom,” Kennedy said, “and I was willing to trade.”

16 responses to “Bucs negotiate return of Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball that Mike Evans gave away

  1. And Fields looked like pure trash today with 5 turnovers, so far as bad as he’s played in a couple of games this guy is regressing! Five turnovers, now that takes a special kind of QB.

  2. If someone handed me that football, I would have been driving home before they figured it out.

  3. Giving it back to Tom was the right thing to do. But Tom could go above and beyond and do something crazy valuable for the guy like pay off his med school debt. He doesn’t have to. And that’s kind of the point.

  4. I’m torn on this one. In one hand, it wouldn’t have been the honorable thing to of kept it, especially when Evans clearly had no idea what he was doing and clearly felt horrible for doing it. On the other hand, I hope the guy isn’t hosed for doing the right thing. Those “goodies” better be impressive.

  5. The guy should have season tickets for life if he a die hard fan of Brady or a Bucks fan. I’m sure they can bribe him though if he seems to have calculated an estimated value in his mind…

  6. I hope this is not the end of the story. This fan did the right thing, surely Brady will reciprocate. He would be a total a-hole not to.

  7. You traded away $500,000 to a stranger millionaire with a model wife and you go back to your apartment with jersey.

    You’re a moron.

  8. Sorry but there was a price to be paid here. I would have left the stands immediately and sold the ball to the highest bidder. So you get a worthless ball and some swag they probably give away at fancy functions. Your wife should leave you after that mistake.

  9. I gotta tell ya I would see this guy once he finishes his residency and is a full fledged Doctor . Great ethics and did the right thing ……it’s all in print so no doubti he can tell the story to anyone.

  10. The Bucs stole it from a great fan shame on you Bucs give him 4 season tickets for 20 years and brand new top of the line SUV and 50k that’s what you cheap crooks should have done.

  11. PS…….Brady comes off like like the biggest cheapskate on one of his biggest days in his career this is a great example of why fans hate Brady.

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