C.J. Uzomah had a good reason for not getting tackled on his two touchdown catches

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah celebrated National Tight End Day with a couple of long catches and runs for touchdowns. On both plays, he got away from the last Baltimore defender who had a shot to bring him down.

For one, it was a quick shove that sprang Uzomah. For the other, it was a nifty stop-and-start move. He had a very good reason for both evasive maneuvers.

Uzomah told PFT by phone after the game that the Cincinnati offense has a rule. If you’re tackled by the last man, you must perform 15 pushups in front of the entire offense. Uzomah had no interest in doing that.

“Hey look, I do pushups on my own time,” Uzomah said. “I’m not trying to do them in front of the team.”

The two touchdowns give Uzomah a career high of five, with 10 games still to play. He’ll likely have a few more this season, at a minimum. The 5-2 Bengals likely will have a ew more wins, too, at a minimum.

8 responses to “C.J. Uzomah had a good reason for not getting tackled on his two touchdown catches

  1. The Bengals look like a Super Bowl contender. Burrow, Chase, Mixon, Uzomah, Trey Hendrickson, DJ Reader, Sam Hubbard, Awuzie, and Logan Wilson and all having monster seasons.

  2. “On both plays, he got away from the last Cincinnati defender who had a shot to bring him down”.

    Now that is impressive, guys from the Ravens and his team were trying to tackle him, and he still scored the touchdown.

  3. My man CJ. Makin’ it do what it do.
    I felt he would be a solid TE2 compliment to Eifert when drafted.
    Watching his maturation over the past 3 years has me believing he has the potential to be a top 5 TE1.

  4. If the Bengals can stay relatively healthy they can make a deep playoff run. I still think they are one year away however when they get there it could be a Brady like run. Joe Burrow will win at least one championship.

  5. Joe Burrow is impressive. Now that’s a QB to ride the next decade. On the other hand, the guy you annointed as MVP looked like he had never seen pressure before and had no idea what to do other than tuck the ball and run. Ever heard of a hot route?

  6. This year may be the Bengals shot to do something. Their owner Mike Brown, absolutely refuses to ever go all in, so if they don’t win something before Burrow, Chase, and others are due for contracts, its OVER.

  7. Jaded Bengals fan here. I’m not buying them as a SB team, but I do love what they’re doing. They’ve had really good teams in the past, but they haven’t had a QB I believed in since Palmer blew out his knee (he was absolutely never the same after that). Burrow is legit and they aren’t going to be out of many games with him under center (or in the gun). I think they STILL need to work on the O-line, and some of the play calling is perplexing, but I’m happy for the progress.

  8. We all need heroes in our lives and my hero is whoever on Cincinnati’s coaching staff and/or front office made the final decision to draft Ja’Marr Chase instead of Penei Sewell. Cincinnati dodged a bullet on that pick.

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