Dolphins aren’t the only team that could land Deshaun Watson

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The Dolphins want Deshaun Watson, and Watson wants the Dolphins. But even though Miami is Watson’s first choice, there’s still a chance he’ll end up somewhere else.

As the trade talks continue between the Texans and the Dolphins, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that one other team has made the Texans an offer that the Texans likely would take, if that’s where Watson ultimately decides he wants to go.

The source didn’t identify the team. The universe of franchises believed to be in the fringes of the conversation include the Eagles, Panthers, and Broncos. Chris Mortensen of reported earlier today that the Eagles are out. My guess (and it’s just a guess at this point) would be that if it’s not the Dolphins, it will be the Panthers.

The bottom line is that Watson has plenty of control over his destination, thanks to his no-trade clause. So if, for some reason, Watson decides not to waive the no-trade clause to be traded to Miami, there’s another team for which he’d trade it.

Although the trade deadline doesn’t arrive until Tuesday, November 2, a sense of urgency seems to be emerging. A deal could be happening soon. And while Miami is the likely destination, that one other team could be the place where he ends up, if he decides to waive his no-trade clause for that team and not for the Dolphins.

21 responses to “Dolphins aren’t the only team that could land Deshaun Watson

  1. The Dolphins screwed up the Tua/Herbert pick so bad, they have to make a splash move at QB just to save face. Expect a Hershel Walker type haul for the Texans.

  2. The Dolphins should pass … they have so many other needs other than quarterback … they first need to find the right person to draft prospects. Grier and company have been absolutely horrible using all of the picks they acquired.

  3. Tepper’s a gambler. Wouldn’t surprise me if they get it done. After Darnold’s latest performance, QB is the position Panthers want to upgrade.

  4. Recap of Miami Dolphins 2020 1st round draft picks:

    QB Tua Tagovailoa: marginal talent
    Left tackle Austin Jackson: Bust
    Cornerback Noah Igbinoghene: Bust

    That’s why you trade three 1st round picks for a top 5 QB. Not rocket science.

  5. Whoever trades for him will be cursing themselves for years if they have to give a haul of picks or collateral to the Texans to get him.

  6. Thank God it won’t be the Eagles. This guy’s not right in the head. Who knows what else could come up in the future with his peccadilloes.

  7. Any team dumb enough to trade away that much draft capital for Watson is crazy.

  8. And there still remains zero trade interest in the 4-12 QB. This definitely is reaching desperation levels of attempting to drum up interest.

  9. Let’s be honest Dolphin fans Miami has screwed up more than the Tua over Herbert choice. Personnel on the offensive line is not talented enough and the offensive coordinator coaching staff hired by Flores needs to be replaced! Make the trade for Watson and reserve enough draft capital to improve the offensive line!

  10. How the Panthers could give up on Darnold already is unbelievable. I’d love to see Pittsburgh go after Darnold on the cheap if Caro is stupid enough to hang their hat on a guy with 22 civil suits against him.

  11. I’m sure that no matter what state he goes to , it should raise the average IQ of Texas and that state.

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