Jared Goff: Lions are a lot better than our record shows

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams
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The Lions have the worst record in the NFL at 0-7, but quarterback Jared Goff says that doesn’t accurately reflect what kind of team they are.

After today’s closer-than-expected 28-19 loss to the Rams, Goff said he considers the Lions a better team than 0-7.

“We’re a lot better than our record shows,” Goff said. “I do feel we are a lot better than 0-7.”

There may be some truth to that. Two of the Lions’ losses came on last-second field goals, and they’ve been reasonably competitive in most of their other games, including today’s loss.

Still, the Lions are one of the worst teams in the NFL by any measure. And Goff’s poor play has been a big part of that.

15 responses to “Jared Goff: Lions are a lot better than our record shows

  1. The team as a whole is better than their 0-7 record but the problem is Goff drags that team down because if its possible hes worse than their 0-7 record.

  2. He’s right. They fight hard every week. They will win some games. I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat anyone on their schedule. They don’t quit.

  3. Jared Goff: Lions are a lot better than our record shows


  4. We don’t want to hear it captain check down. If the Lions want to win a game they need to bench this bum. He’s a liability.

  5. If Campbell could clone himself 22 times and played, they would have won 2 or 3 games already. Dan has some serious heart.

  6. Goff is not wrong. The Lions battle every single week. They can’t finish. That’s the biggest problem .

  7. I agree with him. The Lions almost always are in it at least through to the 4th quarter.

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