Matthew Stafford beats his old team, Rams move to 6-1 with 28-19 victory over Lions

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams
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The Lions pulled out several tricks, executing special teams plays that gave them extra opportunities.

They were in position to take a late lead with the ball on Los Angeles’ 12-yard line with 4:53 left.

But then the turnover problem reared its ugly head for Jared Goff once again.

On second-and-10, Goff was pressured up the middle by his former teammate Aaron Donald, which led to an errant pass for tight end T.J. Hockenson. Defensive back Jalen Ramsey undercut the route and picked the ball off, ending Detroit’s best chance for a comeback.

The Rams took off most of the clock with a four-minute drive and Matt Gay sent a field goal through the uprights with 1:03 left, giving Los Angeles a 28-19 win.

In this meeting between two teams that swapped quarterbacks in the offseason, the Rams came out a clear winner. But the Lions didn’t make it easy. In the first half, they came out with a surprise onside kick following a 63-yard touchdown. Then they executed their first of two fake punts on the day to keep the drive alive, going up 10-0.

But the Rams scored touchdowns on their second and third drives, going up 17-16 at halftime.

Los Angeles went down 19-17 late in the third quarter on an Austin Seibert 31-yard field goal. But Matthew Stafford connected with receiver Cooper Kupp for a 5-yard touchdown to take the lead back. Robert Woods took in a pop pass on a jet sweep for a two-point conversion.

Matthew Stafford finished 28-of-41 passing for 334 yards with three touchdowns against his old team. And receiver Cooper Kupp continued his stellar 2021 season, catching 10 passes for 156 yards with a pair of touchdowns. Robert Woods added six receptions for 70 yards and Van Jefferson had four cates for 43 yards with a touchdown.

Goff performed well in spurts, but the red-zone interception spoiled the day. He finished 22-of-36 for 268 yards with a touchdown and two picks. His final pass went off D’Andre Swift’s hands and into the arms of former teammate Nick Scott for a diving interception.

Swift also had a solid day, setting a career-high with 96 receiving yards. He took a screen 63 yards for a touchdown on the Lions’ opening drive.

Now at 6-1, the Rams go to Houston to play the 1-6 Texans in Week Eight.

Still winless at 0-7, the Lions will look for their first victory against the Eagles next week.

22 responses to “Matthew Stafford beats his old team, Rams move to 6-1 with 28-19 victory over Lions

  1. Lions fan here. Given the absolute lack of talent on this roster, I am not even angry. The team played hard and Coach Campbell gave them a chance in a game that most expected to be a blowout. Maybe next week against a struggling Eagles team the Lions will finally pull through and get their win.

  2. Ugh! The plight of the Lions is painful to watch as hard they may try. I like Dan Campbell and I know they had to move Stafford, but Goff isn’t the answer. I’m sure there’s plenty lacking over that whole roster and the previous coaching regim set them back a few years. It’s going to go well into next season before the Lions show us anything, I think. All that being said, I hope they win soon. It’s just getting sad.

  3. Lions fought hard with inferior talent. A couple of better players and they would have beaten the team everyone is crowning champs. Stafford and LA ain’t winning the Super Bowl after that performance. Maybe if the so-called worst team in the league didn’t have an unreasonable hard schedule we would have a better look at who the Lions really are. I think they can beat the Falcons, Jaguars, etc.

  4. We performed better than I would’ve guessed but it required unconventional thinking which isn’t sustainable. I’m convinced that we have the right people coaching, convinced we don’t have the QB of the future and he should be benched. And I’m convinced that about 10 of the Lions might make next years 53. Rest of the season try to unearth gems you can find on the waiver wire and practice squad of other teams. And make no rash trades except that bring draft capital not any that use it. IMO

  5. All those trick plays converted and still lost. Can’t wait for later on in the season when the Lions force 5 turnovers and still find a way to lose.

  6. Wait. You’re telling me someone beat the Lions? Well then, he must be so special!

  7. Great effort by the Lions today. They managed to stay in the game despite the boat anchor they have at QB. I can’t even believe Goof went #1 overall in the draft. He stinks.

  8. “I can’t even believe Goof went #1 overall in the draft.”

    His name is Goff. What are you, 12 years old? smh

  9. Matthew Stafford is the best QB in the NFC. He has been for the past ten years, and he is now.

  10. Every Lions fan knows that this was going to be a rough year, and that was BEFORE we lost our two best offensive lineman, one of our best linebackers , our best receiver, and two starting cornerbacks for the season to injury (and our best tight end playing but clearly hampered by a knee injury). I like this coaching staff – they have them playing hard – and that, combined with five first round draft picks the next three years, has me hoping for better days ahead…

  11. THENCAMEBRONSON- Stafford isn’t even the best QBBin his own division much less the NFC. Heck Stafford isn’t even the 2nd best QB in the west as I’d take Russell Wilson over Stafford 7 Days a week and twice on Sundays.

  12. Wait a second, a commenter above watched that game and came to the conclusion that Stafford is the best QB in the NFC? All I could think after watching that game was that he’s getting too much hype.

  13. We saw what Campbell meant when he said they were going to mix it up this week. The onside kick caught me by surprise, as did both fake field goals. The Lions aren’t throwing in the towel – gotta credit their coach for that.

    Stafford to Copper Kupp is a combo that other teams have to scheme for. But when they do, he can throw to Woods, Jefferson, Higby, Jackson … we have a wicked good receiving corps.

  14. Last year the Rams lose that game. Good to see them perform
    and succeed under pressure. Kudos to the Lions for playing a helluva game.

  15. No moral victories. No crying. That said, the Lions are going to win at some point, right?

  16. “Patricia really nuked that team before he went scurrying back to the Patriots” have you looked at the Lions long record of losing seasons? it losing started way before Patricia so blaming him is absurd. the Lions talent level other than Stafford has long been pathetic and no coach could win with their rosters over the many starts with the front office evaluating talent and then drafting that talent,in that they have been dismal far too long.this current GM and coach deserves a fair chance to change bad drafts,let wait and see if they actually can.

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