Momentum builds toward Deshaun Watson trade to Miami

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The window closes in nine days. There continues to be a good chance that, by 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 2, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will be a member of the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, as we’ve known for weeks, really wants Watson. Watson, as we’ve known for months, really wants the Dolphins. And thus, while Tua Tagovailoais our quarterback,” Watson quite possibly if not likely will be.

That said, one source with knowledge of the dynamics of the Dolphins organization says the position on trading for Watson is not unanimous. Ultimately, however, oligarchs tend to get what oligarchs want.

The two teams have been unable to get a deal done, in part because the Dolphins haven’t wanted to give the Texans what they want, and because the Texans don’t want to give the Dolphins any protection against the legal issues creating issues regarding Watson’s availability. It appears that, to get Watson, the Dolphins will have to give the Texans what they want.

And the legal issues remain, in the form of 22 civil complaints and 10 criminal complaints. The criminal complaints eventually will be presented to a grand jury; at this point, nothing can be done to stop that from happening. The civil complaints can be settled at any time. Earlier this year, a potential settlement broke down over the issue of confidentiality. This implies that they’d reached a general agreement on the amount to be paid to the 22 plaintiffs. Indeed, there’s no need to haggle over confidentiality if there’s an impasse on the money.

Settling the cases also would make it easier for the league to not place Watson on the Commissioner Exempt list. Although the criminal complaints would still be pending, the league would have a hard time justifying paid leave for Watson if he has not been formally charged with a crime.

Although the Personal Conduct Policy is broad enough to let the league do whatever it wants when it comes to placing a player on paid leave, much of the public steam regarding the decision to let Watson play would go away if he resolves the civil cases to the satisfaction of his 22 accusers.

This isn’t a report on what will happen. It’s an analysis of the facts and circumstances that have been lingering in plain sight for months. With nine days left until the ability to trade Watson evaporates until March, don’t be surprised if it happens.

27 responses to “Momentum builds toward Deshaun Watson trade to Miami

  1. If Miami acquires Watson, they will deserve whatever happens to them. Despite some gaudy stats, he is not a winner. His behavior with the massage therapists shows exactly what kind of person he is and that is the kind of person who can’t lead a team of men.

  2. “The window closes in nine days. There continues to be a good chance that, by 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 2, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will be a member of the Miami Dolphins.”
    Really hedging your bets here. I’m not sure how you can say it’s a good chance Watson ends up a dolphin this week when you’ve said repeatedly it’s a good chance hes not traded til the offseason. Sounds like just riding whatever wave of rumors is most recent without an actual opinion.

  3. Young QB’s get better with experience, so it’s quite possible Tua becomes a better QB than Watson. Why would the Dolphins draft Tua so high if they didn’t love him? And if they loved him then, and understand how QB’s mature with time, this makes no sense at all. I could understand if they had changed ownership since drafting Tua, but nothing has changed. I have reservations about the credibility of this report. Or maybe I’m just hoping the Dolphins aren’t as incompetent as they would appear to be by making this trade.

  4. The Dolphins are certifiably insane if they give the Texans three first round picks for this guy. He MIGHT be worth it without his legal problems but given the legal issues are unresolved he (a) is a PR nightmare, and (b) isn’t worth anywhere near what the Texans are asking.

  5. Hang on FinFans, they didn’t do it yet. For once, just double down on Tua. He’s smart & will progress. Trading the future for an unknown outcome, (legal issues, not ability), is not the decision of a sound mind. Please don’t do it.

  6. QB isn’t the reason for this teams record, why throw away years worth of picks for a QB who may not play for years? I don’t see a happy ending for anyone in this deal.

  7. The Dolphins are trying to move into the top five for dumbest trade ever. Give up so much draft capital for a player who may end up in jail? Of course, he may not, but you’re going to risk multiple #1 picks for that risk? Uh, no. I would offer a package that returns some of the draft picks if Watson does not play a certain number of games (not due to injury or COVID). If the Texans say no, then let them face being stuck in this terrible situation. They’ll eventually give in…better to get something than nothing.

  8. I’ve been a Miami fan since 1984. If they do this trade , I’m done. It would be a panic buy, emotionally driven and I don’t support dysfunctional teams. Really feel for Tua.

  9. RisenAnge7 says:
    October 24, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    Texans must be thrilled the Dolphins are dumb enough to make a trade.


    Yeah cause you can just pick up a top 5 QB at the corner store

  10. johnnydlive says:

    October 24, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    If Miami acquires Watson, they will deserve whatever happens to them. Despite some gaudy stats, he is not a winner. His behavior with the massage therapists shows exactly what kind of person he is and that is the kind of person who can’t lead a team of men.

    Your startung with a conclusion and trying to say anything that has happened so far backs it up, which isnt true. Watson records so far starting his rookie year 3-3, 11-5, 10-5 and 4-12 so sorry the narrative doesnt fit about winning. No argument he may not he a leader and has questionable character but to say hes not a winner means you only watched 1 season of football. If that’s the case the Peyton, Favre, Brees among many more HOF qbs werent winners either as they had losing seasons in their career.

  11. Tua is NOT the answer for this team. His arm strength is questionable and he is injury prone. They should have taken Justin Herbert. While he has great accuracy and intangibles he needs a great team around him to win (See Alabama). He cannot carry a team. This disaster of a season is not all of his fault though.

  12. Miami Dolphins 2020 1st round draft picks:

    QB Tua Tagovailoa: marginal talent
    Left tackle Austin Jackson: Bust
    Cornerback Noah Igbinoghene: Bust

    That’s why you trade three 1st round picks for a top 5 QB. Not rocket science.

  13. Sounds like the Dolphins are trying to prove they can be even more dysfunctional than the Texans.

  14. Pump the brakes a bit. This is nothing more than a combination of the Texans trying to drum up interest in making the deal before the deadline. It is also the talking heads/scribes just looking for something to write. Some of these say people that said a deal is “imminent” are also saying “nothing will happen”. Watson is going nowhere before the deadline. Book it. Teams will wait until they find out WHEN Watson’s paid suspension will begin and for how long, and of course there are the legal issues that need to be cleared. I am predicting Watson does not get traded until next March (when the NF’s new year begins). It would not surprise me if he doesn’t go anywhere. Can’t blame the Texans for trying. They know they are probably stuck with him and hope they can scare another team into trading.

  15. NFL would have exempted him by now if the charges were a concern. He will be traded and will play this year

  16. Miami doesn`t need a new quarterback right now, they need a new management staff, coaching staff, offensive line, receivers (other than Gesicki, Waddle, and Shaheen), running backs, and defense.

  17. If the trade is still sitting at 3 first round picks plus some others, that’s one thing to consider. I’ve also heard it reported that the Texans want to also take a player of their choice from the Miami roster. Yikes.

    So, that’s a lot to give up for one player. One thing Miami will never get is “protection” regarding Watson’s legal matters. I don’t see why anyone would ever agree to that.

    Houston should take 2 firsts, some other picks, and Tua, and say that’s it, nothing else, no legal protections. Just get him off your plate and go back to mismanaging your team without all the distractions.

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