Sunday Night Football: Colts defeat 49ers 30-18 on a rainy night in the Bay Area

Indianapolis Colts v San Francisco 49ers
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Some teams handle the elements better than others.

On Sunday, a weather event called a Bomb Cyclone brought significant rain to the Bay Area, and wet conditions affected the matchup between the Colts and 49ers. But the team that plays in a stadium with a retractable roof forced four takeaways, and Indianapolis defeated San Francisco 30-18.

It was an ugly game for both sides, with both quarterbacks losing a fumble. But things were worse for 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo, who threw two picks.

The Colts were largely able to control the game after the first quarter. Though the 49ers had an early 12-7 lead, Indianapolis scored a pair of touchdowns (one with a failed two-point play) to go up 20-12 toward the end of the third quarter.

San Francisco made things interesting by getting a quick touchdown on a three-play drive at the beginning of the fourth quarter. But Indianapolis’ defense tightened up and intercepted Garoppolo on each of the next two possessions. The Colts got a 42-yard field goal off one  of them and then receiver Michael Pittman scored a 28-yard touchdown to put the game on ice.

Wentz finished 17-of-26 passing for 150 yards with two touchdowns. He also had four carries for 23 yards, including a 1-yard touchdown last in the second quarter.

Lead back Jonathan Taylor continued to pace the offense, netting 107 yards on 18 carries with a touchdown.

After missing a Week Five start due to a calf injury, Garoppolo finished 16-of-27 passing for 181 yards with one touchdown. Garoppolo was sacked on his last dropback, which was the fifth time he’d been hit all night.

Garoppolo’s performance could merit some discussion about a quarterback change. But with No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance dealing with a knee injury — he didn’t practice at all in Week Seven — the 49ers may be stuck.

With the win, Indianapolis is 3-4 and has a date with 5-2 Tennessee at home next week.

The 49ers are now 2-4, and they could have a hard time making up ground in the NFC West with the Cardinals undefeated at 7-0 and the Rams sitting at 6-1. They’ll head to Chicago to take on the 3-4 Bears next week.

29 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Colts defeat 49ers 30-18 on a rainy night in the Bay Area

  1. Good on you Indy/Frank Reich for showing the Niners what it means to play with heart.

    I don’t want to hear about the weather, both teams faced the same elements but one played to win and the other as if it couldn’t wait to get indoors.

    The early defensive Niner series showed there’s talent up front but our Secondary is a joke. Considering the upcoming schedule this game is essentially the nail in our season’s coffin.

    The offense is stale, the playcalling uninspired. Oh well at least we’ll have a high 1st round draft pick cause of it – oh wait.

  2. The good the bad the ugly of Wentz’s today. Fun and frustrating to watch.
    Horrific pick in first half, later called fumble, and should have had more. Yet he puts his body on the line for team with his qb runs.
    Even though its long season, it seems 49ners are done. So far behind in quality compared to Cards, Rams Bucs Packers Cowboys.

  3. Yet again, the weight of the DPI penalty far outstrips the offense and unbalances the nature of too many games. You plant the QB and its 15 yard personal foul. But fail to turn your head on an underthrown ball and its 47 yards. Every team should make the deep uncatchable ball the play of choice. Its chunk yardage and pretty much a no-contact play. The Shield should love it. Games can feature the teams streaking down field…no worry about developing talent…really high scores…and no pesky contact injuries…

  4. Lynch needs to get ahead of this thing and fire Kyle so he can start drafting players who actually see the field.

    Kyle CAN NOT evaluate and develop talent.

  5. You Niners fans love rubbing salt in the wounds of us Hawks fans but I’m going to take the high road. Tough break, kids. I hear Jim Tomsula is open to a return to the Bay Area.

  6. The 2021 NFL trade deadline is set for 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
    Now that there is no chance for the Division and a Wildcard is a long shot, look for the 49ers to trade Jimmy G.

  7. If Kyle doesn’t ride this out and turn it around, he just might not get another HC job, hear me out. His position in the organization is so high that he’s basically the GM, Head Scout, OC, HC and by not having sustained success in any of those categories, owners won’t trust him to be “the guy”.

    Good head coaches just coach, great ones also inspire.

  8. Will Niner fans finally admit Jimmy G is not good? the evidence is right in front of us every Sunday

  9. Wentz is playing great!

    I love that he gets the 1st downs with his legs, just deathly scared he’s gonna get hurt.

    Oh and that Pittman catch for the TD….in that weather? Dude’s a STUD

  10. San Frans 2021 draft and QB situation is becoming a right Cluster****

    Moving early too 3 used up capital that might (big might) of squeezed Rodgers out of Green Bay.
    Kyle was picking Mac Jones, he would of plugged straight in and been serviceable. Someone managed to turn him to Trey.

    I don’t buy the owner with his , if we pay jimmy for two years to get Trey ready for 15, BS. San Fran (without injuries) is a Superbowl team NOW.

    Jimmy aint clutch and he’s made of glass, looks like Lance is a brittle boy too.

    This season is done, as soon as he’s healthy Lance needs to play to get ready for next year.

  11. minime says:
    October 24, 2021 at 11:36 pm
    Way past time for Shanahan, lynch & Jimmy glass to go.
    Trade ya Nagy, Pace and Dalton straight up.

  12. That game was terrible I saw way too much of the.refs. Plus the 49ers didnt even belong on the same field as the 2-4 Colts. and we got knocked down to last place…..but I have great news. I just saved a lot of money by switching my insurance, snd the Warriors are 3-0!

  13. Can we all now stop pretending that there is any magic to the Shanahan surname?

    The running game is beautiful to watch when its working.

  14. Carson Wentz is better than Jalen Hurts. Sorry Eagles fans.

    Yes, I realize he threw at least 5 balls that could have been intercepted, but he is still light years ahead of Hurts in terms of talent at the position.

    People forget how middling he looked at Alabama before piling up stats in an air raid offense at Oklahoma, where the Sooners feasted on weak Big 12 teams.

    Being short and fast doesn’t automatically equal good as it turns out.

    You can come at me all you want with how he played in 2020 and his injury history. Every team in the league would take Wentz over Hurts right now. Well, except the Eagles.

  15. Except for a few close calls in bad weather, this looked like the Carson Wentz of old. I was pretty impressed with his play last night. 49ers are just plain going the wrong way. It’s not looking good for them right now, and they were at home, coming off of a bye week. Not good, bad weather or not.

  16. rickyspanish24 says:
    October 25, 2021 at 12:56 am
    retractable roof? 49ers stadium?


    The Colts home facility, Lucas Oil Stadium, has a retractable roof. The writer’s point is that the team that regularly plays in a controlled environment seemed to handle inclement weather better than the team that regularly plays outdoors.

  17. Trading 1st-round picks to move to up to draft a QB without knowing which QB you want is going to take an awful lot to overcome.

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