Taylor Heinicke: I don’t want to get fined, but I feel like I was in the end zone


The Washington Football Team lost 24-10 to the Packers on Sunday, but the outcome might have been different had quarterback Taylor Heinicke been able to get into the end zone on two runs in the third quarter.

Heinicke was ruled in the end zone at the end of a three-yard run, but a replay review led to him being ruled down on the one-yard-line. Officials ruled that he gave himself up by diving forward and Heinicke was ruled short on a fourth down try on the next play. Washington challenged that call, but it was upheld.

After the game, Heinicke disputed the ruling that he was giving himself up while stopping short of further criticism.

“I don’t want to get into specifics, but I feel like I was in there both times. I don’t want to get fined up here, but I feel like I was in there both times,” Heinicke said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post.

A 2018 rule change led to head-first dives being treated the same as slides by quarterbacks. Washington head coach Ron Rivera said after the game that Heinicke wishes he had that one back and that “the interpretation [the officials] gave me was they couldn’t tell whether he was down or not” on the fourth down play.

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  1. Heinicke refused to comment when asked why Mark Davis was permitted to challenge the ruling on the field, stating “I don’t want my emails released.”

  2. Rules are rules, you can disagree with them all you want but stop whining about the refs that enforce the calls correctly.
    Blame the league or the competition committee, let your feelings be heard, you know, act like an adult.

    Aaron Rodgers had a Td run wiped out in the regular season game against Tampa Bay last year under almost the same conditions.
    It was the score punctuated by Aaron doing the Hingle McCringleberry Td celebration.
    Easy enough to find with a simple Google search.
    I thought the rule was stupid then as I do today.
    But to childishly whine about the refs favoring one team over another is pointless.
    It’s been played out by every fan base to some extent and it’s just dumb.

  3. I truly believe that all NFL teams should have to devote 1hr per day to teaching their players the NFL rulebook as there doesn’t seem to be many at all that know what’s in that book!

    MY god, to do something for a living and be so naive about it is truly amazing!
    I can’t think of anyone else except weathermen that can be so dumb about what they do and keep their jobs.

    Remember a couple of years ago when about half of the players said “I didn’t know a game could end in a tie”? Institutes of higher learning my backside!

  4. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 24, 2021 at 7:28 pm
    Taylor, it does not matter when you play the packers

    Rules always matter. That’s why they print rule books. That’s why they don’t let players call their own fouls. That’s why all the wishing, hoping, and praying in the world can’t get past a correctly interpreted rule from a rule book. Keep trying though.

  5. On the first one he was a victim of the rules designed to protect players, especially QBs. On the second one the ball was slapped out of his hand before it hit the line. He recovered it while in contact with a defensive player, and the play was over then. Seems like a nice kid; will just have to learn from the experiences.

  6. And I feel like if you hadn’t jumped on the ground for no reason you would have been in the end zone standing up.

  7. A handful of years ago, they took a rushing td from Jeff Driskel for the same thing… i believe Cincy was playing the Chargers. Taking the td off the board was the difference in the game. That rule should apply everywhere on the field, except for inside the five. A qb running for the goal line inside the five, is clearly not giving up on the play, and defenders should be able to hit them like they are a ball carrier trying to score.

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