Taylor Heinicke loses touchdown by diving head-first into the end zone

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers
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Before the 2018 season, we noted that a significant rule change wasn’t getting enough attention. That rule change will get plenty of attention today among Washington fans.

The rule change is that a head-first dive is now treated the same way as a feet-first slide, and so a quarterback who dives into the end zone is considered to have given himself up. And that’s exactly what happened to Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke today.

On a third-and-goal in the third quarter, Heinicke ran toward the goal line and had a clear path to the end zone. He could have run in and scored on his feet, but he might have taken a hit as he crossed the goal line, so he decided to dive into the end zone.

But under the NFL rules, a quarterback who’s diving is treated the same way as a quarterback who’s sliding. Although the officials ruled a touchdown on the field, on replay they correctly changed it to Heinicke giving himself up inside the 1-yard line.

That was an incredibly costly call against Washington, because on the next play, fourth-and-goal, Heinicke tried a quarterback sneak and got stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

It’s a rule a lot of fans don’t know, and a rule Heinicke — who did a Lambeau Leap, thinking he had scored — doesn’t seem to know. And that was costly for Washington.

15 responses to “Taylor Heinicke loses touchdown by diving head-first into the end zone

  1. damn, I was hoping Lamar Jackson would do it first and then we could watch rules expert Harbaugh head explode lol

  2. How bout those referees. You can’t beat Green Bay in Green Bay and Aaron Rogers has a little to do with it-those calls all go Green Bay’s way every time!!

  3. He dove and rolled to protect himself, knee down at the one. If he had dove with arms extended, he would have scored. His body language looked like he was clearly giving himself up to avoid being hit. He should have extended his arms. Problem would have been solved.

  4. Heinicke has paid the price for not knowing the rule, after this I don’t think any other QBs will be making the same mistake.

  5. Oh of course. We couldnt have this travesty of Greenbay losing now can we?
    Gotta have those favorable GB calls one way or the other.
    Same as usual.

  6. Don’t blame Heinicke for these stupid ass rules changes. The NFL gets worse every year. Rules, penalties, refs in general.

  7. Why didn’t we get a goal line view of the 4th down play? They showed it on the 3rd down dive. All we saw was some worthless angle that meant nothing.

  8. And if a Packer player had blasted him, you’d be screaming “HYe gave himself up!”

    You don’t get it both ways.

    It was the right call.

    I suspect he’ll know better for the rest of his life.

  9. How is it different that a receiver catching the ball going down can get up and run when not touched but a quarterback goes down and then is down immediately. Refs Choice?

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