Tom Brady catches Drew Brees for all-time four- and three-touchdown games

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown passes on Sunday; that was the obvious headline of the 38-3 win. His accomplishments for the day also put him in a tie for first place in two key categories.

According to the NFL, Brady’s four touchdown passes against the Bears gave him 37 such games for his career, and 97 games with at least three touchdown passes. Both tie Drew Brees for the most in league history.

Brady has four games (of seven) with at least four touchdown passes this year. He has 21 for the season.

And he’s 44, if you haven’t heard.

The Buccaneers face Brees’s Saints next Sunday in New Orleans, with a bye after that. The schedule is littered with easily winnable games, but for the Week 14 visit from the Bills. And two games against the Saints, who swept the Bucs in the regular season last year.

4 responses to “Tom Brady catches Drew Brees for all-time four- and three-touchdown games

  1. I’m sure those records will fall as the NFL will make even more rule changes in the future to create more Breese and Brady, as the rules made these two, and others in the last twenty years

  2. Record after record are falling like Dominos and will fall if Brady keeps playing like this at an unbelievable age of 44 and counting….

    Yes, favorable schedule but they should not look past any opponents especially when razor thin margin separates most of the teams in NFC conference… Also, home field advantage is at play here and more than anyone Brady knows this and he can certainly use some break prior to playoffs if they are able to lock up home field…

    Also, interesting to see Mike mentioning “Brees Saints..”. Apparently, Brees still seems to have influence over this team playing QB when he seems to be doing a fine job as NFL analyst on TV….

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