Tom Brady happy to have back the football from his 600th career touchdown

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The football that Tom Brady threw for his 600th career touchdown likely is worth $500,000. His first touchdown pass, to Terry Glenn in an October 2001 game against the Chargers, sold for $428,842 at auction this summer.

To the Buccaneers quarterback, it’s priceless.

The Bucs had to negotiate the return of the milestone ball after receiver Mike Evans unknowingly gave it away to a fan.

“That was really cool. I’ve got it in the bag over there,” Brady said postgame. “Mike gave it away. He goes, ‘I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry.’ I said, ‘I’m sure they’ll find a way to get it back.’ I don’t actually keep too many things. In that circumstance, I felt like that might be a good one to keep.”

Byron Kennedy, 29, was the fan who received the handoff from Evans. Kennedy told Joey Knight of The Tampa Bay Times he couldn’t say no to Brady.

Kennedy received a different game ball and will receive other compensation from the Bucs and Brady.

“That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool,” Brady said. “He’s going to get something nice in return. We’ll get him a helmet or a couple of jerseys or some other stuff. It was really cool for him to do that.”

Brady threw four touchdown passes Sunday, the final three to Evans, increasing his NFL record to 602 career touchdown passes.

Evans apologized on Twitter, writing, “Sorry big bro glad that priceless legendary item was retrieved.”

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  1. See, the reason he held up four fingers in last season’s game against the Bears was a prediction that he would throw 4 TDs in this game. What a psychic!

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