When Sean McVay called Jared Goff to inform him of trade, Goff hung up

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
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In June 2019, Rams coach Sean McVay gave quarterback Jared Goff a $33.5 million contract. Nineteen months later, McVay gave Goff a one-way ticket to Detroit, with an extra first-round pick tucked into the trade package to unload the deal that McVay had quickly come to regret.

So what happened when McVay called Goff to talk about the trade? Via Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Goff hung up on McVay.

McVay did little to conveal his glee after upgrading at quarterback, and he actually got a little salty when his public gushing about Matthew Stafford prompted folks in the media to draw the obvious conclusion that McVay didn’t feel nearly the same way about Goff.

Goff gets his chance to take out any lingering frustrations today. Unfortunately for him, he lacks the help around him that he had in L.A. With the Rams at 5-1 and the Lions at 0-6, this one could get ugly quickly.

10 responses to “When Sean McVay called Jared Goff to inform him of trade, Goff hung up

  1. McVay is in for a huge surprise when he sees Stafford fold up like a tent in big moments. All Stat Padford is good for is fantasy football stats.

  2. You can always tell the people who don’t actually know what they are talking about….like nagyisterrible…..Stafford is no. 8 all time in 4th quarter comebacks.

  3. Interesting to see someone write that Stafford will “fold up like a tent in big moments”. It makes a BIG difference when you actually think you have a chance to win. For one thing, he’s not likely to think he’s got to put the team on his shoulders as he did with Detroit.

  4. A thousand ways to NOT make it to the Super bowl and only one way to make it to the game…and I don’t mean to buy a ticket.

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