Fan who gave back 600th touchdown ball asks to play round of golf with Tom Brady

NFL: OCT 24 Bears at Buccaneers
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When Tom Brady threw the 600th touchdown pass of his career on Sunday, wide receiver Mike Evans handed the ball to a fan in the front row, not realizing the significance of the souvenir. But that fan, 29-year-old Byron Kennedy, gave the ball back.

Sports memorabilia analysts have suggested that football could fetch as much as $500,000 at auction, but Kennedy didn’t drive a hard bargain. He handed it over only for another football and a promise that he’d get some other Buccaneers swag.

Some have praised Kennedy for his gesture, while others have said he should have held out for some serious cash. But when asked today on NFL Network whether he wanted to renegotiate, Kennedy said only that he’d like to spend some time on the golf course with Brady.

“Renegotiate, no, but play a round of golf as repayment? That’d be pretty cool,” Kennedy told Andrew Siciliano.

Kennedy seems like a good guy who did a good thing. Brady should grant his request and hit the links with him.

22 responses to “Fan who gave back 600th touchdown ball asks to play round of golf with Tom Brady

  1. Brady / the Bucs / the league should pony up the value of the ball for the guy. Its only right.

  2. Funny how a number of TD’s record with a round number is so valuable…. What’s 603 worth vs 617?

  3. Probably jaded by a lifetime of collecting memorabilia, but this is just incomprehensible.

  4. Owners suite seats for rest of the season, round of golf with Brady and Evans and open tab at the 19th hole should do it. That ball is Canton bound, reward the fan who did the right thing.

  5. I wouldn’t blame Brady for ignoring the request.It sounds pushy at best and creepy at worst.

  6. If he had kept it how we would be able to prove it was the actual ball in order to sell it?

  7. That so many people, commenters here included, can’t understand simply doing a good thing for someone else is telling. And a reflection of what the league and its place in society has become.

    As for Evans – what type of veteran WR doesn’t realize that his QB’s 600th TD is likely coming in this game, and keep a hold of every TD pass thrown his way? That should have been a WR/TE/RB huddle all its own before this game.

  8. First question; “does Tom want the ball or does the NFL?” If it’s Tom that wants it, fine; signed jersey, meet-and-greet, whatever. But if it’s the multi-billion dollar conglomerate known as the National Football League and they want to put it on display in Canton, Ohio, well….

  9. Agree with most of what kevpft says, but my hope is a WR in the middle of game doesn’t have his QB’s records top-of-mind. He realized it by the time he got to the bench and “crisis” was averted. All good. Playing a round of golf with an NFL player sure as heck doesn’t sound like a $500,000 value but to each his own.

  10. Evans should be cutting a check for this guy. If Evans does not give it away, Brady does not have to pay a thing for ball no. 600.

  11. I would of asked for his cleats he wore during the Game he got his 600th Touchdown and throw in a Round of Golf with him and MJ.That seems fair

  12. Why should Brady have to pay for Evans’s mistake? Brady didn’t give away a ball worth over $500,000. Evans gave away a ball that was worth over $500,000.

  13. So was anyone else totally creeper out by Romo’s comments to give a date with Giselle? I used to like Romo as an announcer, but now the guy gives me the total creeps. Slimy.

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