Jimmy Garoppolo will remain the starter this week

Indianapolis Colts v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers will see the return of Trey Lance to practice Wednesday, coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday, but Jimmy Garoppolo remains the starter.

Shanahan conceded Garoppolo had his worst game of the season Sunday night when the veteran completed 16 of 27 passes for 181 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in the loss to the Colts.

“We didn’t go into the game thinking Jimmy Garoppolo was one game away from losing his job,” Shanahan said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBCSportsBayArea.com.

Shanahan added that his uncertainty over his starter immediately after the game was more a product of wondering about Garoppolo’s health. Garoppolo missed the previous game, in Week 5, with a calf injury.

He came out of the game OK. But the 49ers, at 2-4, are not OK.

In Garoppolo’s last 11 starts, the 49ers are 5-6. Garoppolo has 13 touchdowns and nine interceptions in those 11 games.

Lance injured his knee in his first career start, a Week 5 loss to the Cardinals that Garoppolo missed with his injury. His second career start will come at some point in the not too distant future, but it won’t be this week.

“Trey hasn’t practiced in two weeks, so when does come back, he’ll probably be limited as it is,” Shanahan said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “Odds are when it comes to the game plan, you’re not going to start rotating quarterbacks, because it’s not an open competition right now.”

19 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo will remain the starter this week

  1. The Niners are losing so as not to make the Seahawks feel bad. They’re keeping each other company in the cellar of the NFC West.

  2. It may be the end of Jimmy G against his childhood team, the Chicago Bears. I was hoping to see Lynch vs Fields to see Shanny lose to Justin after passing up on him lol

  3. Shanahan and Sean McVay came from the same tree. They both got to a super bowl their first season coaching a QB (Goff and Garoppolo), but then their QB’s seemed to regress. I don’t know if it’s the system, the coach, or the player. Maybe just a coincidence, but puzzles are fun to play around with.

  4. Jimmy G should start. The offense isn’t even functional with Trey Lance under-center.
    It’s a trip that Kyle Shanahan is heading towards the “hot seat”. But this is why as a NFL Head Coach you have to coach to win every game. These coaches act like they have a free pass to lose games as they build like Robert Saleh with the Jets. There are no free passes to lose, when your job is under review the team owner or GM is going to take your overall win-loss record into account. You start the best QB, you start the best players, and try to win each game as if your life depended on it.

  5. Sad Fact. The 49ers have a combined six fewer wins from 2015 to now (6 Years) compared to the time Harbaugh coached the team from 2011-2014 (4 years).

  6. Maybe it’s not all on the players… maybe it’s the coach. This guy seems to get a free pass a lot more than others with losing teams – which is what he has with the 49s over the years he’s been there.

  7. So nice to see the one year wonders fall from grace. In Dallas, they are one Dakota leg from being winless of the season.

  8. This is a bizarro-world matchup where most of each team’s fanbase thinks their team can win but is pretty sure they’re going to lose.

  9. mikestan says:
    October 26, 2021 at 10:16 am
    If Lance doesn’t pan out within the next couple years it will be bye bye Shanahan.

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    And Lynch will be joining him.

  10. If Shanahan has another losing season in 2021 that would make 4 out of 5 losing seasons in his tenure. Three of them Double-Digit loss seasons. Sandwiched between the muck is one Super Bowl appearance… which he Lost! If he doesn’t lose his job after yet another losing season, then the NFL has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to diversity hiring. No way, no how does a coach who doesn’t look like Shanahan gets that much leeway.

  11. The season is over, they might as well trade Jimmy Glass for what ever they can get, play Lance for the rest of the season (and hope he doesn’t get seriously hurt). Jed needs to decide if Shanahan and Lynch should stay or go since this team seems to be getting worse every year.

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