John Harbaugh: Message from loss to Bengals same as it was after beating Chargers

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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The last two weeks for the Ravens are a prime example of how quickly fortunes can change in the NFL.

Week Six saw them rout the Chargers 34-6 to spark discussion about their place among the top teams in the AFC. Week Seven brought a very different result, however.

The Bengals scored 28 straight points in the final two quarters to beat the Ravens 41-17 and spark questions for head coach John Harbaugh about his message to the team in the face of the loss. He said it’s the same one he delivered after beating the Chargers.

“We played our worst game of the season, worst game in a long time,” Harbaugh said. “Bengals played very well, they were very prepared and played a great game. It’s week to week. A week ago, we’re being crowned the best ever and we’re sitting there saying ‘Whoa, whoa, it’s one week.’ Now you wanna say ‘What’s wrong with the run game, what’s wrong with the pass game, you guys are terrible.’ We’re like ‘Whoa, whoa, it’s one week.’ It’s the same message from us.”

Harbaugh noted that the only thing guaranteed as a result of the loss is that the Ravens will finish somewhere between 15-2 and 5-12 on the season and we’ll see which direction they head after they return from their bye in Week Nine.

12 responses to “John Harbaugh: Message from loss to Bengals same as it was after beating Chargers

  1. “A week ago, we’re being crowned the best ever”

    😂😂😂 Thanks for the laugh John, we all needed that one.

  2. At least Harbaugh accomplished his #1 goal of keeping the 100 yard rushing games record going.

  3. bbb82 says:
    October 25, 2021 at 4:45 pm
    At least Harbaugh accomplished his #1 goal of keeping the 100 yard rushing games record going.


    Record ended against the Colts, try to keep up.

  4. Don’t like this guy, but he’s right. Ravens are a good football team still and certainly one to be reckoned with in any matchup. Bengals played well and Ravens didn’t. A lot of that had to do with the Bengals imposing their will rather than the Ravens hurting themselves though too.

  5. Best ever? With no QB and a starting running back who wears a QB Halloween costume? To precious!

  6. It’s the old “Any Given Sunday” deal… The Bengals sure did look like a complete football team in that game though.

  7. The Lamar train is fun to watch but never a smooth ride. Thought he was getting a bit better as a passer and then he throws up two bad games back to back. More passing yards vs the Bengals than the Chargers but he looked lost most of the 2nd half because of the pressure. Takes off way as his default mode. Heckuva throw to Brown for that TD but geez, he’s gotta learn to stand in that pocket and deliver quick strikes on blitzes and pressure. It’s like he has no idea what to do, which at this point in his career, isn’t where he should be.

  8. Harbs is making fun of the media overreacting week in and week out. Now that is something we can all get behind.

  9. People just don’t seem to understand how many great players the Bengals have compiled. Everyone knows about Burrow and Chase. They need to look up Trey Hendrickson, Logan Wilson, DJ Reader, Awuzie, Mixon, etc.

  10. The Ravens have a TON of guys on IR and are still a 5-2 team. Hate all you want, but this organization knows how to overcome adversity. However, their injuries caught up to them this week. We have the bye week now and some key players scheduled to return. But the biggest concern, to me, is the lack of tackling by the defense. I, in no way can put that last loss on Lamar. The defense put the team in a bad spot.

  11. I don’t put the loss on Lamar as he doesn’t play defense. At the same time, he was awful following that sweet TD pass. I’m just tired of him not knowing what to do at crunch time with pressure aside from take off and run. At least learn how to slide like Murray. I’m not worried about a big injury, I’m more worried about getting dinged up and then losing a step or half-step and all of a sudden he has to become a pocket passer. That would be a train wreck.

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