Justin Fields taking sacks like no other quarterback in the NFL

NFL: OCT 24 Bears at Buccaneers
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In one particular statistical category, Bears quarterback Justin Fields is separating himself from the pack this season.

Unfortunately, it’s a stat Fields would prefer not to lead the league in: Times sacked.

Fields has been sacked 22 times, the most of any quarterback in the NFL this season, even though he’s 30th in the NFL with just 131 pass attempts. Fields gets sacked 14.4 percent of the time he tries to pass; no other QB in the NFL is even at 10 percent.

A variety of factors contribute to Fields taking so many sacks. The rookie still has plenty of work to do at recognizing the pass rush and getting rid of the ball quickly, and he tries to make plays with his legs too often. The Bears’ offensive line is not playing well, and the Bears’ play calling leaves plenty to be desired.

And all those issues add up to an ugly reality for the Bears: They want to be a playoff team this year, and they want to create a good environment for their rookie quarterback to develop, and right now they’re doing neither.

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  1. He’s a clear bust as suspected. He can’t read a defense and is too slow to process also as suspected. This isn’t the NCAA and OSU players are way overrated in the NFL. A lot of em bust.

  2. Bears can’t fix the OL this year but can at least promote anyone, anyone at all,to take over as head coach to try to play a respectable game for us fans. Then dump Pace on Black Monday or earlier.

  3. The Bears have never evaluated, drafted and developed a QB

    Ohio State has never produced a quality NFL QB

    I doubt Justin Fields is the guy to break both those truths.

  4. Just the latest in a long,long list of OSU QBs who simply can’t make the transition to the NFL.

  5. Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have clearly worn out their welcome in Chicago. Perhaps bringing in Dallas Cowboys off coord. Kellen Moore as head coach? Give Justin fields a creative new offense he can thrive in.

  6. Why is Nick Foles sitting on the bench? The original plan was for a veteran to play this year while Fields came along. Just because Dalton got hurt was no reason to abandon the plan. Foles should have been next up. Otherwise, why even have him on the roster?!

  7. The vast majority of these sacks are on the O-line and coaching staff. This is exactly why you don’t throw a kid to the wolves… especially if you’re the Bears.

  8. Pace and Nagy are a complete Joke. They are going to get this kid killed. The even bigger joke is the ownership to keep these clowns on the job. Pace has proved he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to personell and that “Offensive Genius” Nagy talks about learning and how “close” they are as a team……Well that ain’t learning how to win.

  9. The Bears will throw as much money as they can at Jim Harbaugh this off season in an attempt to pry him away from MI.

  10. The bottom line is that he’s not good or he would have won the job in camp. That’s the facts, just like Lance and the Niners. That’s how it works, people. No love for Nag but, this is all Fields.

  11. Blame Nagy all you want but Fields is not ready. There was a reason Dalton started this season and we are seeing it now.

  12. Remember when Dan Orlovsky questioned Justin Field’s reads during the draft process? And people lost their minds?

  13. The game is too fast for him. Maybe it will slow down eventually but may be not. Also why aren’t the Bears using his athleticism more? He is not a pocket passer, stop trying to play him like one.

  14. wintercoates87 says:
    October 25, 2021 at 1:01 pm
    Fields is Not the problem.
    Sam Darnold on a horrible Jets team had a better rookie year.

  15. I don’t care how bad the OL is 22 sacks on 131 drop backs isn’t the OLs fault, I mean these dudes are in the league for a reason. 22 sacks in just 131 drop backs points to a complete n total lack of understanding of the offense Fields is running.

  16. Tank the season. Fire Nagy & Page. Draft the best OL you can in the draft and recruit more through free agency. Fields will be fine, it’s the team around him that’s a mess (except for the RB room).

  17. Fields looked like he wanted to cry and go home to mommy during the game yesterday.
    Thank goodness for Mac Jones, the rest of the rookie QBs look like garbage.

  18. Another in a long and distinguished line of Ohio State QBs who just aren’t equipped to perform at the NFL level. This is why Joe Burrow got out of Columbus as quickly as possible, and got coached up as a result.

  19. Kellen Moore has yet to prove anything. When he had a bad offense he called very blunt plays. Still to this day he calls head scratches but gets away with it because of the offense

  20. This is the same Justin Fields, who in the preseason said, “the speed of the NFL game was ‘kind of slow.”

  21. The main attributes of a great QB are the same now as they were 50 years ago: reading the defense, accuracy and decisions under pressure. Fall in love with ‘athletic’ QBs all you want, but the greats know where they are going with the ball and find a way to get it there. Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence looking like the only 2 legitimate NFL QBs from the rookie class at this point.

  22. This was an issue at OSU too. As well as he played in college he was way above average in rate of pressured drop backs that turned into sacks. Playing behind the Bears O-line vs. NFL competition magnifies this weakness in his game. It’s not all on the O line either Fields has never gotten the ball out quickly, just look at his average time to throw vs. other QB’s. Hopefully he can improve on that because he has some elite traits as well.

  23. Justin Fields was never on on NE’s draft board. Yet, the Bears traded up for Fields.

    Let that sink in.

  24. You’d think the Bears coaching staff would teach him how to only get sacked 3 or 4 times a game instead of seven. Must be because he QB’d at Ohio State.

  25. First of all Fields has always had trouble reading a defense and seeing a rush. His physical talent let him get away with it in school but he is to slow to process the rush in the NFL. This is not Nagy’s fault. He did not want to play him for a reason and I would guess he is being told to now. The line sucks, I get that but these issues have always been with Fields and maybe he just is not improving even though he is being coached up. I am sure everyone on the coaching staff knows what we do and I am sure they are not ignoring it. So the obvious thing is that the whole coaching staff including the QB’s coach are idiots and Fields is great according to the know it all’s out there. Doubt that is true. Use common sense people.

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