Matt Nagy tests positive for COVID-19

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Bears coach Matt Nagy has tested positive for COVID-19.

Nagy confirmed today that he has the virus and will work remotely. Nagy, who is fully vaccinated, said he is feeling good.

The Bears also currently have four players on the COVID-19 reserve list, which will certainly raise questions about whether the Bears need to take enhanced steps to prevent the virus from spreading in the team facility.

Bears special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is currently handling the in-person duties of the head coach.

Nagy can return to the Bears when he has two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

19 responses to “Matt Nagy tests positive for COVID-19

  1. I wouldn’t worry. They play the niners this Sunday. Chaulk up a W already.
    Signed: lifetime 49ers fan

  2. I thought the COVID “brain fog” was supposed to happen AFTER getting COVID. Nagy is such an innovator he has been fogged four years prior to contracting the virus. Next level stuff that Matt Nagy.

  3. How many Bucs players are going to get the virus because the Bears can’t keep it under control? Maybe the head coach who beat cancer. Just terrible.

  4. Too many people including those around him are still not vaccinated like idiots.

    Could be another long winter.

  5. Just think Chicago, 3 years ago Matt Nagy won NFL Coach of the Year, so did Dick Jauron when coaching da Bears. Good luck!

  6. Might be a good time to resign coach, just saying. The Bears and their fans deserve better.

  7. It just keeps getting better for the Bears, doesn’t it? The forecast calls for a nice fall day next Sunday in Chicago… Bears fans should stay away from Solider Field and spend it doing something that brings them joy instead.

  8. His contributions in the the QB meeting room and game planning will be sorely missed… Said nobody ever

  9. The players are tired of him and his stupid ideas…did the Chiefs regress at all after he left, no ! He’s only an offensive genius in his mind !

  10. This could buy him just enough time to bring in another QB that he can use as an excuse to buy him a little more time.

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