Matthew Stafford: It was cool to see Lions fans in L.A. wearing my jersey

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams
Getty Images

A fairly significant contingent of Lions fans were in the stands for yesterday’s game against the Rams in Los Angeles, and Matthew Stafford noticed how many of them were supporting his old team, but also supporting him.

Stafford, who was traded from the Rams to the Lions during the offseason, said he noticed several fans wearing his Lions jersey and appreciated that they still wanted to represent him while also cheering against his new team playing his old team.

“Driving into the stadium today I saw a few of them and I thought to myself that was pretty cool,” he said. “I really appreciate it. I’ve said it a bunch of times, and I truly mean it. I loved my time there, I loved all the people there that treated me, my family, my wife with a ton of respect and a ton of grace for a long time. So it was cool to see that. Once the ball was snapped, it was football time. I was ready to go play. But it was cool to see.”

The Lions have a passionate fan base, and thousands of Detroiters could be seen in the stands at SoFi Stadium. The Lions rarely give their fans much to cheer for, but they’ll cheer for their guys, even when their guys are now playing on the other team.

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