Packers put Davante Adams on COVID-19 reserve list

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers
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Packers wide receiver Davante Adams has been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Adams has indicated that he is fully vaccinated. That would suggest he had a breakthrough infection and tested positive today.

Under NFL rules, fully vaccinated players can return as soon as they submit two negative tests at least 24 hours apart, which would mean it’s still at least in theory possible for him to test negative on Tuesday and Wednesday and play on Thursday night against the Cardinals. But realistically, that seems unlikely. Players who have gone on the list have almost always been on it for at least a week.

So the Packers are likely going to be without Adams, perhaps their second-most important player after Aaron Rodgers, on Thursday night.

Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry is also out with COVID-19.

26 responses to “Packers put Davante Adams on COVID-19 reserve list

  1. That’s too bad. Was looking forward to seeing to of the NFL’s best teams at close to full health

  2. If the Cardinals haters aren’t already fuming, they are going be on fire mad after they beat up the Packers on Thursday night.

  3. Cardinals can’t catch a break…

    They will probably beat Green Bay like a drum… and the “experts” will say it’s because of Adams being out.

  4. If they beat the Packers by 1 point or 40 points it doesn’t mean much. You don’t win the Lombardi Trophy in October.
    Injuries and Covid are two great equalizers.

  5. For those wanting to see both teams at full strength, that wasn’t going to happen with or without Davante. Packers already missing Jaire, Z. Smith, P. Smith, King and Bahk,

    That’s life in the NFL.

  6. The Packers aren’t anywhere near full strength, even with Davante Adams. They’re decimated.

    If they can pull out a win here, on short rest, with a third of their starters out, LeFleur should be at the top of the list for coach of the year.

  7. Regardless who suits up for GB they are going yo get pounded..There will be no Super Bowl in the future for AR…See you in Denver 2022!

  8. The only guarantees in life are death, and the Packers’ offensive line won’t get called for holding.

  9. For those wanting to see both teams at full strength, that wasn’t going to happen with or without Davante. Packers already missing Jaire, Z. Smith, P. Smith, King and Bahk

    The only people missing Kevin King are Packers opponents.

  10. No excuses after the Cardinals just two weeks ago we’re missing their HC, his backup signal caller, Pro Bowler Chandler Jones, Zach Thomas and Corey Peters on COVID protocols, and had just lost Pro Bowler C Hudson as well as only good TE Maxx Williams to injury and then travelled to Ohio to stop the Browns.

  11. Not sure how the game is gonna go but go check the stats, GB is undefeated when Adams misses a game since he became a starter.

    Love Davante, but Rodgers too often focuses on Adams too much and if teams are committed to taking him out of the game the offense can suffer.

    Obviously I’d rather have him in the lineup but I’m not about to stick a fork in the Pack if he doesn’t play.

    Maybe the Cards whoop GB no matter what but that’s why they play the games.

  12. So what AZ has been without several key players the last few weeks, all pro caliber players and key starters not just guys. AZ will again be with out top all pro center Rodney Hudson, who makes all the calls up front. He won’t be back until Nov 7th. It’s the NFL you’re never going to be at full strength going into mid season games. AZ has blown out several contenders already and smoked them beating the Rams, Titans, Browns, 9ers. It’s not like AZ has beat up on nobody’s, AZ has put up 30+ points in 5 of 6 games and rank among the best in basically every relevant stat offensively and defensively.

  13. The Cardinals understand the covid wild card and disappointment all too well… However, they too do not wish this for Green Bay. These two teams always have the best games of the year. And an Adams vs. Hopkins show would have been epic! Still, we must remember who the NFL MVP was last year… This is not over by a long shot.

  14. GB has won a number of games without Adams, although having MVS out as well makes it tougher. Despite getting very little credit from national sports media, LaFleur has shown himself to be an excellent and innovative coach.

  15. Aaron’s Refs…i mean his time on the Packers earned him ONE (1) Superbowl in 17 years.

    #bigdeal #overrated #babydiva #carriedbytherefs

  16. It’s not like AZ has beat up on nobody’s

    Jags.. Texans… 9ers…

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