Report: Jeff Bezos not interested in buying the Denver Broncos

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If the seven Bowlen siblings can’t come to an agreement that results in some of them buying out the rest of them (and there’s currently no reason to think they will), the team will be sold in 2022.

So who would buy the Broncos? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been identified as a potential suitor. Peter King writes in this week’s Football Morning in America that he hears Bezos isn’t interested.

King adds that “at least four individuals of means” have been “digging around” the question of whether it would be a smart purchase.

Short answer — hell yes, it would be. Franchise values keep going up and up and up. Unless the Bowlens want a major premium based on what the value, as boosted by legalized gambling, eventually will be, it’s the right time to buy.

Fewer and fewer people have the assets to afford to buy controlling interest in an NFL team. Anyone who can do it should be interested in doing it. Unless, of course, the oligarch in question isn’t interested in consorting with other oligarchs.

For Bezos, some have speculated that he’d like to buy the Washington Football Team. Maybe he’s waiting to see whether information and documents regarding the team’s workplace misconduct investigation will be released. The details, if they become public, could make current owner Daniel Snyder’s ongoing tenure untenable.