With 754 receiving yards, Ja’Marr Chase ranks No. 1 all-time through seven games

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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In August, Bengals rookie receiver Ja'Marr Chase had trouble catching passes. He has had no such troubles in September or October.

Chase, through seven games, has generated 754 receiving yards. That’s the most by any player in that same period of time. Ranking second is Harlon Hill, who had 685 receiving yards through seven games in 1954.

Chase also has become the fifth rookie since the AFL-NFL merger to have multiple games with at least 150 receiving yards and a touchdown. The others were Randy Moss, who did it three times in 1998, and Ken Burrow (1971), Torrey Smith (2011), and Justin Jefferson (2020), who did it twice each.

Finally, with 201 receiving yards in Baltimore on Sunday, Chase became the second-youngest player in league history to have 200 or more receiving yards in a single game. Only Mike Evans, who did it in 2014, was younger than Chase.

Chase is on his way to becoming one of the best receivers in the game. He arguably already is. Chase ranks second only to Cooper Kupp in receiving yards.

9 responses to “With 754 receiving yards, Ja’Marr Chase ranks No. 1 all-time through seven games

  1. Reuniting QBs and WRs who had success together in college doesn’t always work in the NFL. But in this case it’s paying off handsomely for the Bengals, a franchise and fan base that is deserving. Great draft decision.

  2. Still wish they’d have addressed the OL more than they have. Burrow’s still taking a lot of shots and if one of those puts him out for the season again? Possibly ruins his career? Then what?

    Personally, I was never against them drafting Chase. He was definitely a great prospect. I just wanted them to address that OL, especially the guards, more than they have. Jackson Carman isn’t the answer.

    cwdonald314 says:
    October 25, 2021 at 11:17 am
    Bengals fans still wish the team drafted an offensive lineman?

  3. Enjoy it now Bengals fan because I am sure your cheap owner will find a way to mess this up.

  4. Wonder how many yards he would have if he had good hands , lol . Kidding aside it’s always good to see talented rookies make their mark in the NFL . Agree with those that think Cinci needs help on the OL thinking they might make a move at the trade deadline .

  5. I’m starting to believe in the Bengals, but I’m not there yet. One quality win does not flip opinions. I’m not impressed by a team that otherwise beat the Vikings, Lions, Steelers, and Jags. They still lost to the Packers. But also lost to the hapless Bears. Let’s all curb our excitement until Cincy can string together multiple wins against contenders.

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