Zach Ertz: We have a lot of talent, I’ve never seen so much green grass in the middle of the field

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals
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Tight end Zach Ertz had a memorable debut with the Cardinals on Sunday.

Ertz caught a 47-yard touchdown from Kyler Murray in the 31-5 win and that made him the first player in NFL history to catch touchdowns for two different teams in back-to-back weeks. Ertz scored for the Eagles on Thursday night in Week Six and was traded to the Cardinals the next day.

It was also the longest touchdown catch of Ertz’s career and he said after the game that he’s never been on offense with as many offensive weapons as the Cardinals have at their disposal.

“I think we’ve got a lot of talent,” Ertz said, via Dana Scott of the Arizona Republic. “I’ve never seen so much green grass in the middle of the field, and that’s gonna happen with guys like DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Green on the outside and quarterback like Kyler.”

Ertz finished with three catches for 66 yards and will try to build on that effort when he plays his second Thursday night game of the year against the Packers this week.

7 responses to “Zach Ertz: We have a lot of talent, I’ve never seen so much green grass in the middle of the field

  1. I feel like most people deal with this, like myself. I feel like my next career move will make me happier. Congrats to Ertz finding success early in AZ.

  2. The rich got richer. How do you defend four legit WR’s, two of whom can run the ball, smash mouth RB Conner, run/catch threat RB Edmonds, now Ertz (who rushed the ball yesterday!), and then Murray who is a 70%+ accurate passer plus an amazing run threat?

  3. I’ll be very surprised if the Cards don’t blow out the Packers on Thursday. Green Bay plays hard but the Cards are loaded on both sides of the ball. If they stay healthy this could be their year.

  4. When the Ertz trade happened last week, a Philly fan told me they had become disenchanted with Ertz because of his low YAC statistics…. Maybe this article and insight might help Philadelphia understand why their star player was struggling and stop pointing fingers and blaming him. The results speak for themselves.

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