Jonathan Gannon: Fletcher Cox has good points, I need to do a better job with him

NFL: OCT 14 Buccaneers at Eagles
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Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox sounded less than thrilled about the team’s defense after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders.

Cox said “you can’t be as aggressive” in coordinator Jonathan Gannon‘s defense as the team was in the past and echoed safety Rodney McLeod in saying the players had no choice other than playing what’s called. At a press conference on Tuesday, Gannon was asked about Cox’s comments.

Gannon said he thinks they came from “a good place” because Cox wants to win and that the the points he raised were good ones.

“He’s got good points,” Gannon said. “I need to do a better job of that with him. The key thing with that is together, player and coach, coach and player, how we do that and how we go about that. He’s had some very good ideas, as our other players have had good ideas, and then it’s up to us as the coaches to get that done and execute those things.”

Gannon was asked about other players on the defensive line playing in spots that seem like a bad fit. Gannon conceded that sometimes “they’re not ideally suited” for those roles, but he thinks players believe in what they’re doing because “they are trying to do what we want them to do.” He added that it is on coaches to “set it up a little bit better” for those players and it looks like that may remain a work in progress in Philadelphia for some time.

9 responses to “Jonathan Gannon: Fletcher Cox has good points, I need to do a better job with him

  1. Anyone with two eyes can tell you that for weeks Gannon scheme has been highly ineffective and has no answers. Opposing offenses have completed 80%+ passes in 4 of the last 6 games. That’s not just bad, that’s historically bad. That’s never work in the NFL again bad.

    Do we see adjustments in the 1st half? No. Do we see the defense trying to manufacture pressure before the 4th qtr? No. Apparantly the plan is to wear out the offenses by letting them complete all their passes and to not pressure them and if that doesn’t work? Oh well he tried.

    The Eagles play the most passive defense of any team in the NFL. I guess if you don’t try, you don’t get yelled at for making a mistake? I hate to say this but a random fan calling the defense wouldn’t be any worse than this guy and could probably use the money.

  2. Serious question… Is it a real thing that pro coordinators still try to force a square peg into a round hole?

    One would think that these guys have understood for years that systematically things work *much better when you play to the strengths of what you’ve got?

    As opposed to- this is our system, so use Fletcher Cox to eat up blockers? I’ve no idea if that’s true, but based on coach’s comments certainly seems to be, or at least close?

  3. eagleswin says:
    October 26, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    Yup. Everything you said here is 100% true. Gannon looks lost, and the secondary, his specialty as he was a secondary coach in Indy, looks atrocious. The CBs are just standing there in their zones. As an Eagles fan, it’s been this way for 10+ years, though. The CBs just watch a receiver squat in between the zones and stare at him until he catches the ball. THEN and ONLY THEN, do they break on the receiver and try and make a play. Its so damned frustrating to watch week in and week out.

  4. They should not have fired the previous coach and company. They did win them an SB. Hurts sucks and will never be an NFL starter.

  5. Feltcher (!) Cox has long been resting on his fat rear. He’ll invent any excuse to shift blame from his unprofessional and dirty conduct on the field. It is never his problem even when much of it is his.

  6. Cox is far beyond the top of his game, and he’s frustrated. I’d trade him before other teams start looking at his tape. The other interior defensive lineman, Javon Hargrave is having a pro bowl year, and leading the league in sacks from an inside guy. I believe they have the same coaching staff. Lol. They’re playing with a very young QB who only has a handful or two of NFL starts. He’s a great young man, and hopefully develops into a decent QB, but that right now appears pretty far down the road. They don’t stand a chance against a decent defense. They can’t get rid of Cox fast enough. If they got rid of him yesterday, it would be too late.

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