Texans owner Cal McNair expresses contrition for racially insensitive remark made earlier this year

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As NFL owners gather in New York for their first in-person meeting since December 2019, one of them finds himself in the middle of a new controversy regarding the use of racially insensitive language.

According to Michael Silver, formerly of NFL.com and submitting a special item to BallySports.com, Texans owner Cal McNair “made a racially insensitive comment at the team’s charity golf tournament in May, causing gasps in the audience and upsetting numerous employees.” Silver cites several unnamed witnesses in support of the report.

While addressing the crowd of more than 100 at the Houston Texans Foundation Charity Golf Classic at River Oaks Country Club, McNair said, “I’m sorry that we couldn’t get together last year, because of the China virus.”

Said one unnamed witness: “Everyone gasped, especially the people directly across from him. He and [his wife] Hannah seemed to think it was hilarious. It was dead silent.”

McNair acknowledged the remark in a statement issued to Silver.

“My comments at the event last May included an inappropriate choice of words,” McNair said. “I immediately apologized to people who approached me then and I apologize again now. I know how important it is to choose my words carefully. I would never want to offend anyone.”

The term used by McNair was used multiple times by the former president in the early months of the pandemic, and many still use the term (and similar ones) when referring to COVID-19 without apologizing or even flinching.

While the comments from Cal McNair don’t compare to the blatantly racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic content of the emails that made it untenable for Raiders coach Jon Gruden to continue in his job, it will be interesting to see whether the Commissioner or the league take any action about McNair’s remarks.

Chances are that more than a few of McNair’s peers in the oligarch’s club have, quite frankly, described the virus the same way.

55 responses to “Texans owner Cal McNair expresses contrition for racially insensitive remark made earlier this year

  1. when are they going to address the insensitive remark histories of the Super Bowl halftime show performers?

  2. He must be canceled.

    Meanwhile, the guy who wrote the crime legislation that actually ruined millions of miniority lives and families gets to mandate vaccines he publically spoke out against only a year ago.

  3. Brothaman says:
    October 26, 2021 at 7:09 pm
    Kaepernick was right.



  4. The following statement is a fact, not an opinion: In 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China.

  5. Well the virus originated in…gasp…China! Nothing to see here. It wasnt even in regards to a race of people. Whats the issue?

  6. What a moron, I’m sure he never thought that would get out. Not that Deshaun Watson is any kind of prince but can kind of understand why he wants to be traded.

  7. His comments are correct. The virus came from China, when are we going to rename the Spanish flu?

  8. It’s actually the Wuhan Virus. Like every other virus named by its origins. Zika, Spanish Flu, ebola… Etc.

  9. Really? Despite being factually correct it was meant as a joke. Who’s the apology to? China? I feel sorry for where y’all are headed.

  10. Ugh, be careful out there guys. Think before you say anything these days.
    He made an insensitive comment but I notice these days even some good people are getting in trouble for what comes out of their mouth. Times have certainly changed

  11. He’s not wrong… Spanish Flu, German Measles, Lyme disease etc etc. The Woke people can go back to sleep.

  12. This distraction is any easy way out for the NFL. They will apologize for not being woke enough, write more checks to social justice orgs and maybe even throw a few more disposable low level employees like Gruden to the wolves. All the while Snyder and Goodell are free to continue operating behind the scenes with controlled leaks and manipulations while the media and Congress chase these nonstories.

  13. Many many quarterbacks have used the cadence “Brown 45, Brown 45 hut hut” is that going to be banned or referred to as “insensitive” this is just complete nonsense!

  14. Wait the China Virus is no-no but the Indian variant and English variant is ok. Got it 👍🏼

  15. Sadly, systematic racism exists in the way we use language. However, it is only since the pandemic that it is no longer culturally acceptable to name a virus after the place of its origin. Previous examples include the West Nile Virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Zika, Ebola, etc. Yes, let’s please create a language that does not incite or suggest racism. But let’s not lose fact that language can be used to manipulate. One year after denying that the virus originated from a lab in China, even the White House admits it true. So why did they deny it in the first place?

  16. China virus is no more racist than German Measles, Hong Kong Flu or Ebola. The people claiming racism aren’t even Chinese.

  17. Brothaman says:
    October 26, 2021 at 7:09 pm
    Kaepernick was right.

    No he just couldn’t complete passes and teams stopped the zone read play and he became unemployed. NEXT!

  18. Even the worthless WHO called it the Wuhan Virus. Case closed. And what has come out since only makes the Wuhan origin more sinister.The Libs in the audience with their noses bent out of shape should wise up (and stop the theatrical outrage)

  19. Brothaman says:
    October 26, 2021 at 7:09 pm
    Kaepernick was right.


    Speaking of China, Kap continues to be the spokesperson for a company that has multiple human rights violations there, including the employment of children in sweatshops. But I guess he doesn’t care about “that” oppression.

  20. You only think The virus came from China because that’s what your government has chosen to tell you. Sheep.

  21. It is the China virus! It’s been proven it came from China so why can’t you call it like it is?

  22. Hong Kong Flu has not been mentioned. Killed millions. Still called that. Racist against English/Chinese? The comments about “racism” are so far fetched that true “racism” gets cheapened. Rappers are sexist and racist as hell, crickets?

  23. pillowflip says:
    October 26, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    As punishment, Davis Mills should throw 12 Hail Marys.

    Oh, he wasn’t already doing that?

  24. How is this insensitive. I mean we will can the Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu… Even with COVID the media themselves were talking about the African variant, Brazilian variant… It’s naming the country of origin, there’s no disparaging of the country, it’s just the origin where it broke out… Like the Spanish Flu. It’s not insensitive, you’re just overly sensitive. It’s madness.

  25. In China the disease is named after the lab that it most likely leaked from. We as a culture are so weak.

  26. This is controversial? Really? I was expecting something a lot more juicy than this. What a joke. The virus came from China!!!! The Chinese government is covering up what happened there. I will not shed any tears for anyone who calls it this.

  27. The McNair family really is a PR nightmare. Also to the person that mentioned the “Spanish Flu”, the didn’t from Spain. It actually is thought to have originated in Kansas. Calling it names like “Spanish Flu” or “French Flu” was a strategu for Europeans to place blame on their neighbors. But since Spain was neutral during WW1 the name stuck with them.

  28. The problem with calling it the “China Virus” ,even though it originated there, is the fact that the racist population of the US and the bordering intolerant xenophobes are using it as an excuse to attack our own populace of Asian decent. Hate crimes against Asians has increased by 169% in the first quarter of 2021 alone. It’s a dog whistle between racists and that is as simple as that.

  29. Isn’t this the point where the NFL said, good bye Jon we want you out? So, is McNair going to be gone?

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