Woody Johnson has “unwavering, steadfast confidence” in Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh

NFL: OCT 24 Jets at Patriots
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The Jets are 1-5 and coming off a 54-13 loss to the Patriots, which meant team owner Woody Johnson got asked about his confidence in head coach Robert Saleh and General Manager Joe Douglas on his way into owners meetings in New York Tuesday.

Johnson called the two men “deep thinkers” who are trying to do “things like establish a culture and they’re getting the right players in the right positions.” The results have not been what anyone would hope for, but Johnson said those traits were why he believes that the team has the right people guiding the football operations.

“I have unwavering, steadfast confidence in Joe, Robert, and the coaching staff,” Johnson said, via DJ Bien-Amie II of the New York Daily News. “I’ve been around for going on 22 years, with my little absence that I had recently, and this is a good group. So we will get it right.”

The Jets have gone through a lot of coaches and General Managers since Johnson bought the team in 2000 and there haven’t been many instances of getting it right through that process. Douglas and Saleh could change that, but tangible signs of improvement are in short supply.

7 responses to “Woody Johnson has “unwavering, steadfast confidence” in Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh

  1. Chad Pennington,Mark Sanchez,Geno Smith and Sam Darnold have already extended their deepest condolences to Zach Wilson.

  2. Woody seems to have managed the impossible. He hired a coach that has the team less prepared for the game then Adam Gase did.

  3. Saleh is over his head and likely got picked because no one qualified wanted that dumpster fire team. I wish him the best, but down like 31-7, with 21 seconds left in the half, he throws a pass across the middle. I mean, what was he thinking? You have like three plays, at most, and you are on your own 24. You need about 50 yards to have a chance at a FG. Yeah, it would still be 31-10, but you just scored going into halftime and you get the kickoff after halftime.

    He doesn’t understand basic coaching concepts. But I wish him the best.

  4. Saleh should have hired a proven offensive coordinator if he was going to start a rookie qb..Douglas for all his talk about the offensive line hasn’t addressed the interior enough..the results were another indescribably horrible season

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