Aaron Rodgers loves the energy veteran additions have brought to Packers

NFL: OCT 10 Packers at Bengals
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t always been thrilled with the team’s personnel decisions, but he gave his stamp of approval to some of their recent moves.

The Packers signed pass rusher Whitney Mercilus last week to continue a run of adding veteran players to plug holes in the team. Linebacker De'Vondre Campbell signed in June, wide receiver Randall Cobb returned to the team in a July trade, linebacker Jaylon Smith signed as a free agent after being released by the Cowboys this month, and cornerback Rasul Douglas was signed off the Cardinals’ practice squad.

“You love when you can plug in veteran players who can play football at a high level in those spots. . . . I love the energy with these guys,” Rodgers said, via Brandon Carwile of USAToday.com.

The Packers won’t have time to bring in any veteran receivers to help cover for the absence of Davante Adams or Allen Lazard this week, but having Cobb helps keep the cupboard from being totally bare.

7 responses to “Aaron Rodgers loves the energy veteran additions have brought to Packers

  1. If the O-line can protect Rodgers long enough and the defense gets two turnovers, the Packers may have a good chance Thursday night.

  2. Every addition changes the energy in the room. It’s still a QB league, so if it helps Aaron, it helps the team.

  3. The ironic thing is if Rodgers had not discouraged free agents from coming to Green Bay in the off-season Gutie wouldn’t have the cash to flash.

  4. You all know who the real Packer GM is. The fans, coaching staff and players worship me and I have management wrapped around my finger. All I have to do is whine, I mean win, and then everyone bows before my every command. It’s so easy.

  5. Packers adopting Belichickian moves to fill holes in the roster caused by injury. If you’re gonna steal ideas and strategies, steal from the best.

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