Brandin Cooks appears unhappy with Texans trading Mark Ingram

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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The Texans are packing it in on the 2021 season and building for the future, and veteran wide receiver Brandin Cooks appears unhappy about that.

Moments after news broke that the Texans are trading veteran running back Mark Ingram to the Saints, Cooks went on Twitter and voiced what appeared to be his displeasure.

“This is bulls–t. Such a joke,” Cooks tweeted.

It’s fair to wonder whether Cooks will be the next to go. He’s the Texans’ leading receiver this season, with 45 catches for 502 yards, so he has shown that he still has enough left that he could help a contending team. And his base salary this season is only $2.5 million, so he’d be affordable for a team acquiring him, which would only have to pay a prorated portion of that salary.

Cooks is a name to watch before the trade deadline.

8 responses to “Brandin Cooks appears unhappy with Texans trading Mark Ingram

  1. If nothing else, he’s showing support for a (former) teammate and veteran. He could also be looking to get traded so seeming displeased isn’t a bad idea if so

  2. Brandin, you’ve been enjoying a front row seat. Did you just wake up? Let me get you a cup of coffee.

  3. They are tanking. From the coaching hire, to the roster management, to the play calling , to the play (including Cooks who dropped a wide open 3rd down catch way last week) it is obvious

  4. Didn’t the Texans mortgage their future to “win now” just a few years ago? Now they’re going with the opposite strategy?

  5. I would have expected better from Brandon but I guess he’s really just another modern snowflake athlete.

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