J.J. Watt will reportedly have shoulder surgery that is “likely” season-ending

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals defensive lineman J.J. Watt‘s first season with the team apparently is over, after only seven games.

Watt will have shoulder surgery, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com. The procedure is “likely” season-ending for Watt.

The three-time defensive player of the year signed a two-year, $28 million contract with the Cardinals after being released by the Texans earlier this year.

Watt had started all seven games for the Cardinals. He suffered a shoulder injury in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against his former team. He finished the game despite the injury.

This becomes the fourth season of Watt’s career that will be cut short by injury. In seven different seasons, he started every game of the regular season.

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  1. Love JJ but I wouldn’t have given him that contract. This was inevitable. Cardinals added a lot of talent but it was old talent. They might have peaked too soon.

  2. He’s has a great career, but I think he needs to think about his long term health, it’s time to retire

  3. That’s terrible…I loved prime JJ. Prime JJ was amazing. He is a shell of that monster.

  4. Well,that didn’t take long…again. The Cards must be thrilled with their investment in Watt.

  5. As awesome as he was in his prime, guy probably should just retire at this point with all the injury riddled seasons he’s had recently.

  6. He needs to hang it up. What is strange is that he has injured so many parts of his body. Health is wealth sir.

  7. Not sure if anyone is surprised by this. Famous last words, “They can’t stop me”. True, he own body stopped him…again.

  8. Feel sorry for him. But literally no one will say “didn’t see that coming.’

    Some bodies aren’t meant to play a physical game this long, he needs to hang ‘em up.

  9. The last few seasons have not been kind to JJ. Once the injury bug hits you at this part of your career it’s over.

  10. What a shame that J.J. Watt hasn’t been able to stay healthy.
    I remember years ago the Colts drafted a terrific DE out of the University of Washington with the top pick in the draft named Steve Emtman. He was 6’4″ and 290 lbs, and is still considered one of the best college linemen ever.
    His rookie year he blew out his left knee on that horrible stuff called Astroturf playing in his 9th game, and then in his second year he had an even worse injury on Astroturf, tearing his patellar tendon in his right knee. At that time no player had ever been able to resume their career after that injury.
    Emtman did make it back, though, but in 1994 after making a tackle against the Seahawks’ Chris Warren, he ruptured a disc in his neck. Not only did he finish the game, he played 3 more games before he had to shut it down and have surgery. He managed to play again for the Dolphins and Redskins, but his career was ruined by the injuries and he retired in 1997 at age 27.
    Watt reminds me of Emtman in that he’s a fabulous player but unfortunately, just can’t stay healthy. It saddens me when great players have the careers cut short by injury. The one I think that still bothers me the most was watching the legendary Gayle Sayers have his career cut because of knee injuries. He is — in my opinion — the 2nd greatest RB I ever saw, after the one and only Jim Brown, of course.
    I hope J.J. Watt will take a hard look at himself and decide to call it quits. He’s been a great player but his long term health is what is important now. It’s too bad, because after finally being paroled from the Texans, he’s on a team which has a real chance to get to the Super Bowl, and he won’t be part of it.

  11. The Cards never needed him. Waste of money. He should have finished his career as a Texan anyways.

  12. Great Player when he’s actually healthy. Lately that hasn’t been the case. Might be time to send him out to the pasture.

  13. Yeah but those four years of not finishing even close to the season have all come in the last six years. He hasn’t been the same player since 2018 and sadly he is a broken down player at this point. In his prime he was special.

  14. Watt, no way! He’s been a pillar of health since…. Well, the 1st 3 years of his career, or the time needed to get get a big contract.. That’s a lot of cap space for a guy you knew would be hurt for 6-10 games.

  15. Yeah, it’ll be hard to pose on the sideline with a bum shoulder. Surgery is definitely necessary.

  16. Really isn’t JJs fault fault that teams keep on paying huge amounts of money for a broken down player….didn’t the Cardinals run a car check on him?

  17. “The best ability is availability” is a truly tired silly chestnut. I’m available for next to nothing.

  18. Bills were interested in signing him but not for his asking price…Thank U Bean (best GM In NFL) for Not signing a part time player for full time money !!!..Bean isn’t a fool !!!

  19. Watt should have gone home to Wi and took the Packers offer but he went for the big bucks in Az.and now gets to sit and watch the rest of the season,poor JJ,but at least he still gets paid his kings ransom so he cant be too sad.

  20. Well its time to hang it up. Great career, Father time is undefeated i guess. First ballot HOF see you in Canton soon young man!

  21. Dude needs to hang it up already. He hasn’t played a full season in since in years and will likley be giving himself more physical pain down the road with each season he attempts to come back. Great player and future HOF’er but father time is speaking to you dude, and you should listen to him.

  22. I remember many fellow Packers fans irate at Gutekunst for not signing this “difference maker”. Can’t fall in love with a man based on what he did in college or what he was 5 years ago. Good on the Packers for not biting.

  23. When will players realize that taking ped’s will shorten their career..but I do understand its about the $$$ and Not about the game..just like the Owners..it’s a business…fanboys will pay top dollar to be contenders or pretenders and the NFL as a Whole reaps the benefits of the Fanboys..

  24. JJ Watt has already earned his money by ruining the Browns season when he sacked Baker.

  25. Great, great player in his prime whose body simply can’t hold up anymore. No more evidence is necessary. The next GM that commits significant guaranteed money to this player is a fool.

  26. I’ll never feel sorry for him heck what has he made 50 million maybe more please….lol…..i’ll take every injury he ever had and then some for what he’s earned .

  27. I have zero sympathy for JJ Watt and I’ll tell you why. In 2014 when Houston was playing Dallas, Watt had a bead on Romo but Romo used his patented spin move to get away at the last second, so JJ Who kicked Romo in the leg. No call from the ref. Romo almost fell but kept his balance and fired a td pass. Watt, deservedly so, has been an injured mess ever since.

  28. Take a bow JJ – you were possibly the most dominant defensive lineman in football for 5 years (2011-2015). Most players never get to be the most dominant for even a single season, much less five! Retire, pick up some new hobbies (golf, biking, swimming, etc), something that’s easy on the body, and enjoy life.

  29. Wow… shocker.. JJ is effective when healthy but that’s close to never. must be the new math you’re using. JJ’s played 12 season & missed a major portion of 3 or 4 seasons. That’s hardly “close to never”.

  30. Must be nice to get paid millions to play a few games or no games at all year, after year.

  31. Say what you want that is one tough dude to finish the game with that severe of an injury. 99.999% of humans would be in the hospital and he’s out there banging against 300lb. NFL linemen.

  32. I remember many fellow Packers fans irate at Gutekunst for not signing this “difference maker”. Can’t fall in love with a man based on what he did in college or what he was 5 years ago. Good on the Packers for not biting.

    We all wanted Watt, at a reasonable price.

    Good for Watt getting one last payday.

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