Jerry Jones is “very satisfied” with WFT investigation


The NFL’s owners haven’t said very much about the investigation that the league is determined to keep secret. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shared his two cents on Wednesday.

Via multiple reporters, Jones said he is “very satisfied” with the investigation.

Indeed he is. Beyond the fact that Jones likely feels a debt to Washington owner Daniel Snyder because, four years ago, Snyder was one of the only owners who sided with Jones in his fight against Commissioner Roger Goodell, the league’s decision to protect Snyder in turn protects all other owners who may find themselves accused of workplace misconduct by current or former employees.

The precedent created by the WFT investigation becomes an insurance policy for the other owners. It doesn’t mean that they have been or will be in hot water; it means that if/when the water starts to heat up, they won’t have to worry about information that would potentially cook their goose becoming public.

All owners should be “very satisfied” with the investigation. By giving Snyder a pass now, they’ve set themselves up for a pass later, if for some reason they ever need one.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Jones or any other owner is happy with the fact that supposedly secret emails were weaponized by someone who wanted to take out Raiders coach Jon Gruden. Not many (if any) questions have been asked about that specific wrinkle at the league meetings happening Tuesday and Wednesday in New York.

17 responses to “Jerry Jones is “very satisfied” with WFT investigation

  1. You mean the one the League allowed Washington to investigate itself before changing course due to public pressure and then allow Washington’s attorney to turnover the results to the League instead. Sham from the very beginning

  2. Of course Jerry is satisfied with the investigation. Nothing really came of it, Snyder got fined a pittance when you’re a billionaire, his wife runs the team, Snyder still goes to the games, and then they leaked some of the 650,000 emails (That are supposedly protected) to have a head coach fired. All in all Jerry is satisfied with the investigation. What a crock!

  3. And if “shadow commissioner” Jones wasn’t happy about the Gruden emails being leaked, I strongly doubt they would have been leaked in the first place…

  4. Jerruh Jones is always happy when people get nailed to the wall and he’s not one of them.

  5. Of course he has. Most likely he’s said something wrong or there has been harassment in his org.
    Don’t like to government but hope they bring these guys down. They have the power to do it too.
    Subpoena or lawsuit will drag them in.

  6. Please make the investigation results public then if you’re so satisfied. Let us decide too.

  7. Sure he’s satisfied, because anything that he may have said or done wrong isn’t coming out. Not yet,anyway.

  8. Jon Gruden trashed the commissioner. The commissioner destroyed him.
    That’s life.
    Any one of you reading this sent emails trashing the CEO of a company that you then went to work for, how do you think it would play out once that CEO saw what you had written even prior to working for him?

  9. Confirmation that the rug has been lifted and the dirt has thoroughly been swept under it. Another commenter mentioned how they thought the NFL handled things perfectly and society could follow their example. The NFL gives much to charities, but they don’t hold themselves (owners) accountable to anything or anyone. They’ll cut a player for anything. They’ll use private info to get someone fired (even if he had it coming) all in an effort to put the focus somewhere else and hide or excuse the conduct of one of their own. The NFL ownership needs to be held to better standards. They insist on high standards from the players, but excuse there own behavior simply because they’re owners. Goodell makes a lame effort to create the appearance owners are being held accountable, but it’s ludicrous because they are his employer. The Raiders were victimized and, like it or not, so was Gruden. The only way to make mega-rich people accountable is through the court system. The only way to do that is to have the kind of money they have. So, until that happens, owners will weather the storm and let stories like these run the course until people run out of energy to complain about it.

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