Joe Burrow: We’ve got bigger aspirations than 5-2

Cincinnati Bengals vs Detroit Lions
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The Bengals put the league on notice with their 41-17 victory over the Ravens on Sunday, but that win won’t mean much if Cincinnati doesn’t continue to play well.

That was the message from quarterback Joe Burrow, who spoke to reporters in his weekly press conference on Wednesday. Burrow has been at the forefront of Cincinnati’s resurgence this season, completing 69 percent of his passes for 1,956 yards with 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

But the quarterback knows the Bengals can’t get complacent just because they’ve defeated the Steelers and Ravens on the road this year.

“We’re in a place that we haven’t been in a while but we’re not satisfied with where we are,” Burrow said. “We’ve got to go out to practice every day, keep getting better, because other teams are going to keep getting better as well. We’ve got bigger aspirations than 5-2. So we’ve got to keep getting better every day, go out to practice, get through our reps, come back in and watch the film — just keep grinding.”

Burrow added that the Bengals have smart and mature players who feel the same way he does, which is part of the reason why he feels they’ll be able to maintain their success.

“It was a big win,” Burrow said. “But it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t go out there and win this week and win the week after that and continue to stack these wins and keep getting better and better.

“If we go 0-10 [the rest of the season], nobody’s going to care we beat Baltimore in Week Seven.”

Cincinnati should be able to start its last 10 games on a good note, facing the 1-5 Jets who will start backup quarterback Mike White on Sunday. But they’ll face the Browns in Week Nine for another big divisional matchup before their Week 10 bye.

8 responses to “Joe Burrow: We’ve got bigger aspirations than 5-2

  1. A top QB can change fortunes of a franchise very quickly. Joe Burrow who I thought was the second coming of Joe Montana has done that for the Bengals. Peyton Manning did it in Indy. We’ll see what Trevor Lawrence can do in Jacksonville.

  2. This is why we need to chill with the exaggerated takes. Two years ago people (media and fans) were saying Burrow should boycott the Bengals drafting him because they are so bad. Two years later they look like one of the best teams in the league.

    Dial it back

  3. What a steadying presence Burrow is. I don’t think this team has ever had that in its history. Boomer maybe but he was nowhere near the talent Burrow is. I love this teams mentality.

  4. The Bengals are real contenders in the AFC. I’m not sure that they can compete with Buffalo or Tennessee right now, but 10 games is a long time to refine their trade and improve.

  5. The Bengals are seriously reminding me of last year’s Browns. Not personnel-wise, but just the no/low expectations and realizing you have a fundamentally sound, above average team that will surprise some people. I’m all for it… Cincy fans deserve this!

  6. Ravens have simply had too many injuries. With almost 20 players in IR, and another 5-6 with multiweek injuries, its amazing they held up for as long as they did.
    Bengals are solid, but not spectacular and will likely win the AFCN

  7. Ken Anderson is the best QB in Bengal history and criminally underrated, much better than Boomer. Hopefully Joe passes the ‘81 MVP.

    mysterytonite says:
    October 27, 2021 at 1:48 pm
    What a steadying presence Burrow is. I don’t think this team has ever had that in its history. Boomer maybe but he was nowhere near the talent Burrow is. I love this teams mentality.

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