Kyle Shanahan denies that Patriots tried to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo before the draft

Divisional Round - Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan says there’s no truth to a recent report that the Patriots reached out about acquiring quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before the draft.

Asked today about the claim in Seth Wickersham’s book It’s Better to Be Feared that the Patriots contacted the 49ers before the draft and suggested trading a second-round draft pick for Garoppolo, only to have the 49ers say they wanted a first-round pick, Shanahan said there is absolutely no truth to it.

“No. None. I’d also like to not keep answering questions about a book. I promise, if that was the case, I would have talked to their head coach,” Shanahan said.

The 49ers ended up drafting quarterback Trey Lance after trading three first-round picks to move up to No. 3 overall for him. The Patriots drafted quarterback Mac Jones, without having to trade up. It’s way too early to say whether Jones or Lance will have the better career, but the Patriots appear to have handled the quarterback situation better by getting the quarterback they liked without having to give up any extra draft picks to trade up, while the 49ers paid a fortune in the trade-up for Lance and are also paying Garoppolo’s $24.1 million salary this season.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan denies that Patriots tried to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo before the draft

  1. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Patriots came out of the draft better the San Francisco. Trading away three first round picks is madness, period.

  2. Just because Shanahan didn’t talk to Belichick doesn’t mean a cursory discussion didn’t occur. Most likely it did and it was clear they were too far apart for it to move to the level of GMs/coaches talking.

  3. San Fransisco absolutely mangled that draft. Trading multiple firsts for a guy Shanahan dind’t want and isn’t ready to start. Alienating Jimmy G and the team. Seeing the guy Shanahan wanted to fall to NE and reaping the whirlwind now with a losing team 100% going in the wrong direction.

  4. Wickersham just makes thinks up as he goes along. Has he ever cited 1 source by name, in any of his books? Heard something from somebody’s friends cousin is his journalistic style

  5. Kyle, on behalf of Patriots Nation, Thank you for passing on Mac Jones….& that goes out to all the other QB needy teams that passed him up as well!!!

  6. Good thing it didnt happen I think jJimmy g. Alot more upside and hes dam sure alot tougher then jimmy g.

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