Mark Davis believes the league should release a written report of the WFT investigation

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Pitched under the bus by selective leaks of emails that forced him to make an in-season coaching change, Raiders owner Mark Davis is breaking ranks.

Asked on Wednesday whether the NFL should release a written report of the Washington Football Team workplace misconduct investigation, Davis said (via Albert Breer of, “Probably. Yeah, I think so.”

Davis becomes the first owner to join the call of transparency. That will serve only to legitimize efforts by media, fans, and members of Congress to continue to pursue the information.

Davis also expressed concern over the timing of the decision to make an issue out of emails sent by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden before he returned to work for the team in early 2018. Davis said the the league had the emails for a “couple months” but failed to tell the team about them.

As PFT has reported, the league knew about the Gruden emails no later than June 2021. If the league had moved promptly to inform the Raiders (and if Davis would have instigated a coaching change without emails being leaked), Davis could have hired a coach before the starting of training camp.

The fact that the Raiders are 2-0 without Gruden doesn’t matter. The Raiders shouldn’t have been required to endure an in-season coaching change. Davis is right to be upset, and it’s courageous of him to take a position that will be unpopular with his business partners.

14 responses to “Mark Davis believes the league should release a written report of the WFT investigation

  1. Like father, like son. Al Davis wasn’t always right, but he had the guts to stand up for what he believed in.

  2. Any beef that Davis has is with Gruden, not the league. If Gruden had not made multiple offensive statements Davis would still have his coach. The timing of the release of the emails would be irrelevant if Gruden had conducted himself as a decent human being.

  3. But they are 2-0. Doesn’t change the need for transparency but I like pointing out that the Raiders and 2-0 without Jon Gruden.

  4. Written report that can be crafted as the NFL sees fit? How is that going to change anything?

  5. Keep pushing for the truth, Mike. You have a platform that the majority of us do not. The league NEEDS to release these emails. The way Goodell and his people have treated Davis and the Raiders is beyond ridiculous. The truth must come out!

  6. For the owner of the team that had to jettison its main marketing tool/head coach, full disclosure is a no-brainer. Let’s not pass out any halos here.

  7. Notice how the NFL Network never mentions the Raiders getting the raw end of the deal they only mention the Washington football team?

  8. Keep up the good work Mike, this isn’t over yet. Obviously Mark Davis is not going to either.

  9. It’s like the owners forgot how big a pain Al Davis could be and thought they could steamroll Mark because of that funky haircut.

    Good job Mark, NFL fans across the league support you.

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