Matt Rhule: We feel really good about Sam Darnold

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
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The Texans may or may not trade Deshaun Watson before Tuesday’s trade deadline. So far, the quarterback has waived his no-trade clause only for a trade to the Dolphins.

The Panthers, who have interest in Watson, may or may not get a chance to trade for him.

For now, though, the Panthers’ starter is Sam Darnold. Despite being benched Sunday, Darnold took all the first-team reps in Wednesday’s practice, coach Matt Rhule said.

Rhule’s response to a question about Watson on Wednesday echoed what he said earlier this week when asked about Watson.

“For me right now, I’m focused on this week and trying to to beat Atlanta,” Rhule said. “Feel really good about Sam. Obviously wasn’t a great game this past game. At the end of the day, when Sam goes back and watches himself or our whole team goes back and watches themselves against the New Orleans Saints, we see exactly what he is and was and can be, and we’ve just got to get back to that spot. Obviously, as you know, I can’t comment on any other player. I’m focused on Sam and getting him back to the level he was playing at. I think that has to be everyone’s focus.”

The Panthers offense has flatlined since running back Christian McCaffrey went down with a hamstring injury. The team was 3-0 with McCaffrey and is 0-4 without him.

5 responses to “Matt Rhule: We feel really good about Sam Darnold

  1. This is why you don’t say things like “Sam Darnold is going to be a great Panthers quarterback” so you don’t look like a dope when you bench him and try to trade for his replacement days later. Pinnochio…

  2. WoW… The Panthers have lost 4 games in a row and Matt Rhule feels good about Sam “Ghost” Darnold. Something is wrong with that statement. This is why you never overpay a college football HC. And it wasn’t like he was a great HC in the college ranks…

  3. Steve Young had a similar skill set. He was drafted by a lousy Tampa Bay team, and struggled so much that they gave up on him after a couple years. He sat behind Montana for a few years in San Francisco, and finally got his chance. It wasn’t until his 8th season in the league that he finally had his first really good season. He went on to become a HOFer. If the talent in there, it eventually comes out, even if it doesn’t happen right away. And even in S.F., Steve Young didn’t really come full circle until Mike Shanahan came aboard as the offensive coordinator, and the 49ers had some great coaches. I’m not suggesting Darnold will take eight years, and the 49ers did have Montana, who was still winning super bowls. Matt Rhule is an offensive guru. He’s one of the best and brightest. The last thing Carolina needs is advice on that side of the ball.

  4. I’m impressed that Carolina didn’t take the cheese on Watson. Miami is about to become the kind of cautionary tale that will look like Minnesota in the 90’s, if not worse. Miami needs only a few more pieces and qb isn’t one of them. They will set their franchise back by at least 5 years and when the other shoe drops on Watson and leagues suspends him and even penalizes the Dolphins for having him and all those draft picks go to the Texans with nothing to show for it… whoa!

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