Raiders, Jon Gruden reach settlement on his contract


Although Raiders coach Jon Gruden technically resigned, the resignation undoubtedly came under threat of termination, if he didn’t choose to leave voluntarily. Unresolved when he abruptly walked away was the balance of his reported 10-year, $100 million contract.

Via Vic Tafur of, owner Mark Davis said Wednesday that a settlement has been reached.

Gruden reportedly had $40 million in remaining guaranteed payments. PFT had reported when Gruden signed the contract that it was not fully guaranteed, and potentially backloaded.

The release of claims that Gruden signed in order to get his money likely extends broadly enough to cover the league, especially since the Raiders represent 1/32nd of it. If so, that would prevent Gruden from suing the league for intentional interference with his relationship with the Raiders.

“He’s hurt, he’s really hurt, and I understand that,” Davis said regarding Gruden. “But he understands the ramifications of what he said. I love Jon and I love his family. We all have demons in our lives, and you have to understand that, and you also have to look at redemption as well.”

Gruden’s redemption likely won’t come in the form of a return to coaching in the NFL. And he probably won’t be interested in something like the reconstituted XFL. His future could come in the form of providing NFL content for one of the various sports books, which are trying to get into the sports content business in order to gather a pool of visitors who then can potentially become customers. They’re throwing huge money around, and Gruden possibly could make the same $10 million per year from a gambling company that he was making from the Raiders.

26 responses to “Raiders, Jon Gruden reach settlement on his contract

  1. He’s not getting paid $10 million by a sports book for content. Even with the stigma gambling entities have, they aren’t touching Jon Gruden right now or in the foreseeable future. He is retired, and not by choice.

  2. So does my redemption package for not putting in my two weeks include a $40 million severance package?

  3. Gruden has spent so much time, so many hours studying football, it’s like he has a triple PHD. He actually is a football genius. He’s worth a bundle to someone.

  4. “Gruden possibly could make the same $10 million per year from a gambling company that he was making from the Raiders.”

    Boy we are one classy culture

  5. If all of us were held accountable for things we had said in last 20 years, none of us would be employed. His mistake was putting in writing. I have told my kids many times, read what you have written two or three times before you hit the send button.

  6. Me thinks it’s in the form of more money than he would’ve actually been paid had he finished the contract. Or maybe he’s saving the billion dollar payout for when he sues the league. I’m on team Gruden!

  7. Optics are a funny thing. The Raiders are on the hook for something he did as an ESPN employee 10 years ago (albeit from a personal email, but nevertheless….). Davis would rather pony up to make the headache go away rather than look like he’s going up to bat for a guy “cancelled” by social justice hysterics. And not a word from ESPN either, I’m not seeing any vocal athletes speaking up about how they had this guy on their payroll which means they supported his behavior yadda yadda. This whole thing is so messy.

  8. If he wants to coach again he just needs to have a few interviews saying he’s changed and say he’s a better man because of this. Will it be heartfelt? Who knows…but he needs to go public and say he’s sorry about his past stupidity. I personally would say that’s good …and then let the man move forward in his life and choose occupation. 2nd chances folks!!!!

  9. Sucks he got hit by the WFT bus that went full speed into a crowd but only found him. BUT what happened to him saying he wouldn’t take $$ from the Raiders? Raiders have exploded when he has left for the second time, just saying..

  10. Buying silence does come at a high price. I’m sure Chucky won’t spill more beans. Unless now he goes after the NFL themselves.

  11. It wouldn’t be surprising if the settlement included a release of all claims vs the Raiders but not the league or other teams. Unless the league is paying a good chunk of the settlement.

  12. I hope al the findings from the NFL are released. The whole truth needs to come out. Gruden didn’t deserve to be targeted for an investigation that had nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Roger Goodell continues to protect Dan Schneider.

  13. “Hi I’m Jon Gruden and I’ve made mistakes, in life and in gambling. It’s how you bounce back that counts and I’m here to help you with $250 in free $$ for your first bet!”

  14. Jon Gruden has made more than 70 million dollars as a NFL head coach!!

    I am sure no one will be starting a “go fund me “ web site for him !

  15. We are all growing and evolving. When I look back over the years I have managed to say quite a number of stupid things. I even blurred out some hurtful ones. I would never do that now, but occasionally over the years I have been intermittently foolish. Thank heavens I am not famous.

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