Stan Kroenke begins backing away from relocation indemnity agreement

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St. Louis may be moving closer to a potential expansion team, if it wants one.

Earlier this month, we outlined the factors that could result in the league throwing up its hands and accepting defeat in the Rams relocation litigation. One key ingredient to that specific outcome will be Rams owner Stan Kroenke successfully reneging on his promise to foot the full bill for the lawsuit and judgment, if any.

“Although . . . Kroenke has agreed to indemnify the rest of the league for whatever the verdict may be — and although the lawyers have told the other owners that the indemnity commitment is ironclad — there’s a concern that the eventual judgment in the case could be big enough to get Kroenke to try not to honor it,” we wrote on October 9.

As explained by Seth Wickersham of, NFL general counsel Jeff Pash informed the owners on Tuesday (after Kroenke was asked to leave the room) that Kroenke is challenging the indemnity agreement that he signed when receiving permission to move in 2016. Giants co-owner John Mara reportedly called Kroenke’s position “ridiculous,” explaining that the owners never would have voted to authorize the move from St. Louis to L.A. without the indemnity agreement.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has long supported Kroenke’s L.A. move (and whose Legends Hospitality has profited from the relocation), defended Kroenke. Jones blamed the league’s current legal peril on the fact that the sworn deposition given by an unidentified owner was “shaky.”

Kroenke reportedly blames the current legal issues on the competing proposal to build a Carson stadium for the Raiders and Chargers. The Carson proposal supposedly outlined the various ways that allowing the Rams to move to Inglewood would violate the terms of the league’s relocation policy. Kroenke believes that proposal provided a blueprint for the St. Louis suit.

Jones reportedly said that Kroenke may sue over the indemnification agreement. If Kroenke prevails, the league will be on the hook for the outcome of the St. Louis litigation. And that will raise the chances dramatically of the league offering St. Louis an expansion team as part of a settlement.

29 responses to “Stan Kroenke begins backing away from relocation indemnity agreement

  1. Pass the popcorn …

    I hope Kroenke makes life miserable for the NFL but loses, so they hate him and he gets no money from them and only their hatred.

    Let Kroenke pay the result of the lawsuit.

  2. Billionaires like to get their way, even if that means rolling over on other billionaires. Grab your popcorn.

  3. Mark Davis was the one owner that gave the testimony, as payback the league leaked snippets of those Gruden emails. Now Davis calls for release of the Washington Redskins investigation. This is all intertwined, don’t think it isn’t for a second. Mark is making dad proud and keeping us all entertained.

  4. Do we really need more football teams? Seven billion people on the planet and the league can’t even field 32 bonafide QBs.

  5. The bottom line is St. Louis wants a team in the NFL, expansion or otherwise. This lawsuit will dry up when the NFL agrees.

  6. The ESPN story says that Kroenke has offered to settle for nearly a billion (or “more than the net worth of some of the NFL owners”). There’s no way in the world that an NFL team brings a billion dollars worth of value to a city. If they take an NFL franchise over $1B they’re crooked.

  7. This should suprise no one! Kroneke must realize he is going to lose. To the NFL when you crawl in bed with a snake you had better plan on getting bit.

  8. Anyone whose ever been to St. Louis knows it’s not an NFL city. They paid a cash strapped Georgia Frontiere 20 million in cash to stele the Rams. They don’t deserve an NFL team. Go Rams! Go Los Angeles!

  9. After reading Wickersham’s report, its pretty obvious Mark Davis is his source and getting back the league.

    Kroenke is a turd. He treated St. Louis shabbily.

  10. footfan68 says:
    October 27, 2021 at 3:49 pm
    Anyone whose ever been to St. Louis knows it’s not an NFL city. They paid a cash strapped Georgia Frontiere 20 million in cash to stele the Rams. They don’t deserve an NFL team. Go Rams! Go Los Angeles.

    And neither is Los Angeles.

  11. Never mind if St. Louis gets a expansion team…you still have the original problem. The new owner will want a NEW STADIUM. The taxpayers won’t pay for it. The NFL will be on the hook for the cost of a new stadium.

  12. St Louis… we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you get an NFL team… bad news… St. Louis Jaguars

  13. Absolutely freaking loving every single minute of this. Thanks Stan and Jerruh. You two greedy fellas have laid a blueprint for DUVAL should my guy Khan ever get squirrely. Well done St Louis. Makes them keep feeling it and keep Stan the squid on the ropes.

  14. Please explain to me why Stan was asked to leave the room? Like he was not going to find out what was said and by whom? It it has already been reported on? This NLF is getting weirder by the day

  15. The perfect settlement… The NFL awards St. Louis an expansion team and Kroenke pays St. Louis $1 billion, which is used to fund a new stadium. In the end Kroenke finances the St. Louis stadium after all.

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