Tanya Snyder tells other owners that email leaks didn’t come from her or her husband

Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera
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Daniel Snyder has not personally denied leaking emails from the 650,000-document trove that brought down former Raiders coach Jon Gruden. Two people have done so on Snyder’s behalf.

Last week, lawyer Jordan Siev denied that Daniel Snyder had leaked emails in response to an allegation from a former Washington employee that he had leaked the documents. On Wednesday, Snyder’s wife, Tanya, told other owners that the leaks originated with neither she nor her husband, according to the Washington Post.

Snyder, per the report, “made the remarks unprompted.”

The league consistently has denied releasing emails to the media. However, the league also has declined to say whether it’s investigating the source of the leaks. As PFT has reported, only a small handful had access to these emails, including people extremely high in the league office, a few owners, and their lawyers. It should not be impossible to track, by reviewing emails and text messages, the person(s) who improperly disclosed the information.

Some in league circles think that the leaks came from multiple persons, with the leak of emails sent by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden coming from one person and the leak of emails exchanged by NFL general counsel Jeff Pash and former Washington executive Bruce Allen coming from someone else.

More leaks are possible, until all documents are released. With Congress on the case and more and more fans and media agitating for transparency, maybe that will happen.

30 responses to “Tanya Snyder tells other owners that email leaks didn’t come from her or her husband

  1. Whatever Tanya!……Us long suffering Washington fans are hoping for a Daniel Snyder removal!!!

  2. She wouldn’t sell her soul to the devil. She’s married to Dan Snyder. She has very high standards.

  3. This is going to get really interesting …. NFL has already messed this up releasing the info when they did …. Be interesting to see how this plays out over the season ….

  4. Confirmation that the rug has been lifted and the dirt has thoroughly been swept under it. Another commenter mentioned how they thought the NFL handled things perfectly and society could follow their example. The NFL gives much to charities, but they don’t hold themselves (owners) accountable to anything or anyone. They’ll cut a player for anything….

  5. …They’ll use private info to get someone fired (even if he had it coming) all in an effort to put the focus somewhere else and hide or excuse the conduct of one of their own. The NFL ownership needs to be held to better standards….

  6. She is most likely telling the truth that they did not leak the emails. They probably know who did and paid that person but they did not leak the emails themselves.

  7. It could have been leaked from anyone in any of those org’s IT departments. Or the forensics team. Or the admin team. Or the janitorial team if hard copies were laying around. And if they were brazen enough to leak it there’s a good chance they’re smart enough to not be found.

  8. I wish that I could believe Tanya. The fact is that her family has zero credibility in the DC metropolitan area

  9. In this one case I actually believe them.
    I don’t trust the league under Goodell, especially when the Raiders are involved.

  10. “With Congress on the case….”

    Congress is “on the case”,as usual, to distract from their ineptitude on isuues that actually affect the public.

  11. Well whomever it was, I hope they leak more of them. Especially the ones Goodell is afraid of.

  12. The fact that Goodell is still employed by the league is absolutely shocking, given the continuous mistakes he has made. The fact that he, or any other NFL Commissioner, makes $50 million, makes it even more shocking. Congress needs to take the NFL’s anti trust exemption away.

  13. Snyder had a communications director named Tony Wyllie for a few years. He was one of the few people, other than Bruce Allen who’d always talk to the media as if they (and the fans) were bothering them.

    Both Tony and Bruce’s first, kneejerk reaction to any controversy was to LIE FIRST! Allen lied so much about a controversial signing that he implicated other players in it and every last one of them did a “no comment” or “I have no idea what you’re talking about”!

    So, Tanya making this declaration based on their track record is worthless! There is ZERO trust that an ounce of integrity will ever come out of those doors!

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