Teddy Bridgewater: It’s not time to panic yet, but it almost is

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
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After starting out 3-0, the Broncos have lost in each of the last four weeks to fall to 3-4.

The team had a long weekend after falling to the Browns last Thursday night. And with Washington coming to town this week, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater noted in his Wednesday press conference that the Broncos have to practice with a sense of urgency.

“It’s definitely a locker room that’s still together,” Bridgewater said, via Troy Renck of Denver7 KMGH. “And you can sense, there’s no panic — I said this to the guys yesterday, I’m like, man we’ve got to have a sense of urgency. It’s not time to panic, but it almost is because this thing can go in the wrong direction fast. But I think if we have that sense of urgency and we go out there with the right mindset, it starts in practice, though. We have to practice with the right mindset, we make this a competitive environment, we can turn this thing around.

“We’re sitting at 3-4. I think you look at it, we’ve played 10 games — three preseason games, seven regular-season games. We’re right at the halfway point and we’re not in a bad position. We’d like to be in a better position, but that’s on us. So all we can do is control what’s in front of us. We can’t go back and fix what happened in the past. If we have that right mindset like, hey, we have so many more opportunities, the past won’t even matter.”

Bridgewater started the year hot but has struggled in Denver’s last three losses. He’s thrown for 809 yards with seven touchdowns and five interceptions plus one lost fumble.

Denver will need to play clean football this weekend and moving forward to stay in the hunt in a competitive AFC West.

3 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater: It’s not time to panic yet, but it almost is

  1. The time to panic was at the end of the 2020 season. Denver has a head coach in way over his head.

  2. 3 of those games didn’t count Teddy. In games that do count, you have dropped four in a row. When is the time to panic?

  3. I wouldnt count Washington out! The last couple of weeks their defense has been playing solid!

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