Tua Tagovailoa: I don’t not feel wanted by the Dolphins

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The last two weeks have featured a lot of chatter about the Dolphins potentially making a trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson and that’s left the team’s current quarterback to answer questions about how the chatter is affecting him.

Miami drafted Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth-overall pick in the 2020 draft, but a move for Watson would mean that he’d have to move elsewhere to continue being a starting quarterback. On Wednesday, Tagovailoa was asked if he feels like the Dolphins don’t want him to be their quarterback.

“I don’t not feel wanted,” Tagovailoa said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post.

Head coach Brian Flores has said repeatedly that Tagovailoa “is our quarterback” and Tagovailoa said on Wednesday that he has “the utmost confidence and trust” that he is the quarterback in Miami. He should have that feeling because he is indisputably the quarterback of the Dolphins right now. The future could be different, however, and speculation about Watson isn’t likely to go anywhere as long as the Dolphins are losing and Watson remains on the Texans.

28 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa: I don’t not feel wanted by the Dolphins

  1. If goes out there and drops 500 yards, 5 TD’s, and the win at Buffalo, that would help quiet the critics, that’s not happening of course though.

  2. Awww… it’s not your fault you were overdrafted. Maybe a fresh start will improve that ridiculous throwing motion and lack of pocket awareness?

  3. The double negative (“I don’t not feel wanted”) doesn’t exactly convey “the utmost confidence.”

  4. So I guess the rumors about him not calling non incorrect plays in the huddle are not definitely false.

  5. Nice kid, but he’s an average QB at best. He’s never going to be Murray. If the Dolphins build around him and stop with the what about this guy bs, he could be decent for them over time.

  6. there’s a reason the Dolphins haven’t had a QB since Marino…look at how Tannehill looks since he got outta there

  7. Before their draft Colin Cowherd had tua as a better draft pick than Joe Burrow….that’s the last day i listened to his show….

  8. Stephen Ross…Gotta be one of the worst and most clueless owners in sports.

    Miami passed on Herbert and then Mac Jones. Yikes!

  9. He should check him bank account and be grateful. He’s not an NFL caliber QB and what he’s received so far in compensation for the contract will be the last he’ll realize. Maybe Saban can add him as a coach.

  10. Wow! Even as a Pats’ fan I am starting to feel sorry for Tua. He seems like a nice kid, unfortunate to be on a bottom-feeding team with crappy leadership.

  11. Why don’t the Dolphins just go out and find a Joe Burrow, or a Dak Prescott. Watson isn’t a winner, and Tua has never given a hint that he’s an NFL QB.

  12. Jalen Hurts had to leave Alabama when Tua arrived. Stories I heard were about how Tua was just this big talented figure compared to Hurts, so Hurts transferred. Now Tua is going through it the NFL.

  13. The media has certainly given Tua much negative publicity. They are not wrong, Tua is not a franchise NFL quarterback. He has skills but should not have been chosen at number 5 in his draft. It’s not his fault that he played on a great Alabama team that made him look like a better NFL prospect. Moreover the Miami Dolphins did not acquire the offensive tackle talent needed to protect him. In addition although coach Brian Flores is a good coach. He has made a huge mistake this season in hiring position coaches as offensive coordinators. Chan Gailey with less receiver weapons last season put together a more productive offense. The Dolphins need a professional offensive coordinator big time! Tua will be much better with a good offensive line and a professional NFL offensive coordinator.

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