DeAndre Hopkins is expected to play against Packers

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals
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Thursday night’s matchup between the Packers and Cardinals will have several key absences. But Arizona’s best receiver should be on the field for the contest.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, DeAndre Hopkins is expected to play.

Hopkins was listed as questionable with a hamstring injury after he was an estimated non-participant on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The receiver has missed several practices and been listed on the injury report with various issues this season, but has not yet missed a game.

Hopkins has 33 receptions for 420 yards with seven touchdowns so far for the undefeated Cardinals.

Arizona, however, will be without defensive lineman J.J. Watt for Thursday’s game and likely the rest of the year due to shoulder surgery.

Offensive lineman Max Garcia (Achilles), defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence (calf), and tight end Darrell Daniels (hamstring) are also questionable for the Cardinals.

8 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins is expected to play against Packers

  1. If you have to play tonight don’t try very hard. Maybe even fumble the ball a couple of times. I got a cool $50 for ya for each fumble.

  2. IMO Hopkins will wreak havoc on a very slow, untalented defensive pass scheme.
    The Pack Org has IMO pulled the wool over the fans eyes again by saying they want to be a run team first. What with Aaron Rodgers who aint getting any younger on your team.
    Ya, they know how horrid this defense is and want to keep them off the field. They are 5-1 but have played no quality teams to date with great passing and speed.
    Tonight the world will see a weak and outmatched packer team as it should see. Rodgers wont be saving the day.

  3. If Hop doesn’t go, this team is still LOADED with receivers. Can’t say the same about that sorry Green Bay WR squad.

  4. Playing with fire bringing back a hamstring injury in an explosive player too early. Might win you tonight but you could also lose him for months.

  5. ImaPayne says:
    October 28, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    IMO Hopkins will wreak havoc on a very slow, untalented defensive pass scheme.


    Green Bay defense has added a lot of speed the past few seasons. And is 6th in the league in yards per pass. Granted the competition hasn’t been tough, but IMO you are about two years behind in your assessment

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