Kenny Young “feeling mixed emotions” about trade to Broncos

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams
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Linebacker Kenny Young was traded from the Rams to the Broncos this week and the move changed more than his address.

The Rams are 6-1 and have aspirations of making a deep run in the playoffs while the Broncos has lost their last four games after a 3-0 start. On Wednesday, Young said that the Rams told him financial considerations led to the trade.

He said he’s “not cool with it, but I have to respect it” and acknowledged that he has conflicted feelings about his changed circumstances.

“You’re always excited because you have a new welcoming home, but on the human side of it, I am feeling mixed emotions,” Young said, via Kyle Newman of the Denver Post. “But I feel like there’s light at the end of this tunnel. I don’t know how that shakes out, but I’m doing my part . . . and something will work itself out.”

The Broncos have a slew of linebackers on injured reserve, so Young should get plenty of chances to do his part to help the Broncos snap out of their funk in the weeks to come.

6 responses to “Kenny Young “feeling mixed emotions” about trade to Broncos

  1. I really liked this kid when Baltimore drafted him. I wasn’t too happy when they traded him to the Rams, and even more so now that Queen hasn’t lived up to his draft hype. I would welcome him back to Baltimore in a heartbeat if they tried to get him back. Lord knows they could use the help right now.

  2. Seems to be a guy who stays in the mix at ILB, but not a critical piece – Ravens traded him as part of the Marcus Peters deal otherwise he would have likely played out his Rookie deal with them.

  3. Mixed emotions is probably an honest statement, but it’s probably something like 85% pissed at the Rams, and 15% happy to be somewhere he’s wanted. He basically got the rug pulled from underneath him. That sucks for him.

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