Report: Chiefs made Steelers a trade offer for Melvin Ingram

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The Chiefs need to bolster their defense. Steelers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram wants to go to a team that will give him more playing time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a deal is coming.

The Chiefs made the Steelers an offer for Ingram but the Steelers would prefer not to trade him to another AFC team, according to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network.

Ingram would like to be traded to a team that will play him more, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Ingram’s playing time declined to a season-low 26 percent of the Steelers’ defensive snaps in their last game, Week Six against the Seahawks. He hasn’t worked out the way the Steelers thought he would when he signed a one-year, $4 million contract.

But that doesn’t mean the Steelers are going to give him away, especially to a team they could be competing with in the AFC wild card race.

6 responses to “Report: Chiefs made Steelers a trade offer for Melvin Ingram

  1. The Steelers should tell them to kick rocks. The Chiefs made their bed with ridiculous contracts (Frank Clark), so go lay in it.

  2. Clarks contract is currently ridiculous, as he’s been on the field, but no contribution, all year but he did make an impact on them winning a SB. And so did Mathieu. Sadly, 3 of the 4 highest paid guys on defense are not contributing. Bolton, as a 2nd round rookie has proven they don’t need Hitchens, and based on the need for a pass rusher Clark is proving he’s not needed as well. That all said, I’d still take these 3 guys collecting checks and not performing, to get that SB win. It sure seems awful now, but we’re still just 7 games removed from being in the SB. As for 3 guys getting all the, money, that’s just misinformation. Mahomes salary won’t hurt them too bad until 2024. Hill, Kelce, Thuney, and Brown (who has also been a huge disappointment and waste if a 1st round pick/trade) those salaries are high, but they have 8-9 guys collecting most of the money, not 3. And as a fan I remind myself they’re all of 2 games out of 1st place in the entire AFC. But I’m also reminded of the egg they laid in TN last week. Go Chiefs!

  3. The Steelers might be hanging on to him for the potential compensatory pick.

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